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Masterpiece Days 101

How to Create a Great Life One Great Day at a Time

Great lives are created one great day at a time. Which is why this class is a key component to rockin’ it. Step 1: Make TODAY the day. Know what your ideal days look like (we’ll help you figure it out), set clear targets, make progress while you make waves, control the kryptonite, create AM + PM bookends, remember the Deep Work + Deep Love blocks and iterate, iterate, iterate.

Locked 101 Classes

Greatest Year Ever 101 - 2019

How to Make 2019 the Greatest Year of Your Life in an Unending String of Such Awesome Years!

Ready to make 2019 the Greatest Year of Your Life? Me, too. It’s time to Operationalize Virtue—getting (even more) clarity on what our Optimus selves look like and getting even better at consistently showing up AS that best version of ourselves. In this class, we review why we do what we do together, take a quick trip to hell (yikes!) then to Michelangelo’s studio (yay!) then we get to work sculpting our Energy, Work and Love—taking the time to wrap our souls around our Identity + Virtues + Soul Goals + Algorithms that will drive our Masterpiece Days as we Dare to step thru Fear Doors into all we’re destined to be. Hope you love it and looking forward to LITERALLY making this year the greatest year of your life in an unending string of such awesome years!

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A Lifetime of Observations and Reflections On and Off the Court

John Wooden. He’s arguably the greatest coach EV-ER and this book is essentially one Big Idea after another. Wooden is all about the fundamentals and in this Note we’ll explore a few of my favorite Big Ideas on his old-school wisdom—from the fact that full effort = full success to the importance of becoming a realistic optimist.

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Turning Pro

Tap Your Inner Power and Create Your Life’s Work

Turning Pro. Steven Pressfield tells us that's how we win The War of Art against our nemesis Resistance. Brilliant stuff. In this Note, we'll take a quick look at Shadow Callings (w/a look at mine!), the blissful hell of Epiphanies and more goodness on how to officially turn pro.

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Daily Rituals

How Artists Work

If you’ve ever wondered how some of the greatest mind’s in history—from poets, painters, and philosophers to playwrights, scientists and mathematicians—structured their lives to get their great work done then this may just be the book for you. Mason Currey does a great job of providing super concise and equally fascinating portraits of the idiosyncratic habits of 161 (!) iconoclasts ranging from W.H. Auden, Charles Darwin and Carl Jung to Stephen King, Benjamin Franklin and Mozart. The variety of approaches is inspiring and, more than anything (for me), feels like a permission slip to *really* (unapologetically!) own my own idiosyncratic style. If that sounds like fun, I think you’ll love the book as much as I did.

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The Rhythm of Life

Living Every Day with Passion and Purpose

The-best-version-of-yourself. That's what Matthew Kelly is committed to helping us become and that's what this book is all about. In the Note, we have fun getting in tune with the Rhythms of Life as we explore the fact that everything is a choice, look at what we want to give our WHOLE life to and discover the mojo of great questions.

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The Miracle Morning

The Not-So-Obvious Secret Guaranteed to Transform Your Life Before 8 AM

Want to wake up every morning like it's Christmas? (Or otherwise fired up if xmas isn't your thing?) Well, it's time to make your mornings miraculous and Hal Elrod shows us how with his Life S.A.V.E.R.S. Do more before 8am than you thought possible and crush it day in and day out.

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Win Forever

Live, Work, and Play Like a Champion

Pete Carroll is the Super Bowl-winning coach of the Seattle Seahawks. His Win Forever philosophy was inspired by an awesome hybrid of Abraham Maslow, John Wooden and his own commitment to always competing while having a whole lotta fun. In the Note, we'll check out a few of my favorite Ideas to help us Win Forever in all facets of our lives.

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Manage Your Day-to-Day

Build Your Routine, Find Your Focus, and Sharpen Your Creative Mind (The 99U Book Series)

If you’re looking to optimize your day-to-day-productivity, this collection of wisdom from some of the world’s leading creative gurus via 99U is a fantastic place to start. Big Ideas we explore include the importance daily routines, the most important thing you can do to boost your productivity, how screen apnea leads to things you don’t want and why rats love to check email.

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How To Live on 24 Hours a Day

I got this little book after Dale Carnegie raved about it in How to Win Friends and Influence People. Arnold Bennett was a contemporary of Carnegie’s. Born in 1867, Bennett was an English novelist and playwright. In this fun and funny tiny little booklet, he tells us that most people focus on how to get by on a budget of X dollars per day but what we really should be thinking about is how we can most effectively use the precious twenty-four hours we’re given every day! Big Ideas we cover include celebrating the daily miracle that is another 24 hours, some precautions before beginning (note: make it easy!), the importance of concentration (remember: science says: a wandering mind is an unhappy mind), and dangers to avoid as you Optimize (remember Rule #6).

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Life Visioning

Michael Bernard Beckwith. Alexandra and I love him and his wisdom. He’s a model of integrated spirituality for us one of our absolute favorite teachers. In this Note, we’ll take quick at his powerful “Life Visioning Process” and have some fun getting our wisdom on with Big Ideas ranging from The Four Stages of Evolutionary Growth to unplugging from the Internet and plugging into the “Inner-net.” Good stuff!

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Making Life a Masterpiece

Orison Swett Marden is a brilliant old-school writer who mixed a passionate optimism in our potential with an equally passionate commitment to integrity, grit, perseverance and all things good. I like him. In this book he shows us how to make our life a masterpiece by becoming the captain of our own ships, doing first-class work, and finding an hour a day to optimize as we achieving true success.

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The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth

Live Them and Reach Your Potential

Do you want to reach your potential? If you’re reading this then the answer seems clear. The path to do so is pretty obvious as well: We must grow. And, as Maxwell advises, we must be intentional about it. Big Ideas we explore include a couple uber-powerful questions, Discipline as the bridge btwn your goals and accomplishments, trade-offs, and the magic of “Do it now!”


#40 3 + 1 = Magic

How to Optimize Your Big 3: Energy + Family + Service
We all have areas of our lives we want to Optimize. Stephen Covey tells us to think about our “Roles and Goals.” Tony Robbins calls it
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#78 AM + PM Bookends

How to Create Masterpiece Days: Start Here!
In The Compound Effect, Darren Hardy makes the important point that we have more control over the very beginnings of our day and the very
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#79 Today's the Day

What to Do When a (Daimon) Reporter Follows You Around All Day
Here’s another way to create a Masterpiece Day filled with you at your best. In Die Empty, Todd Henry tells us to imagine that from the

#152 Digital Sunset

Bedtime for Your Electronics
In our last +1, we talked about Digital Sabbaticals. Today, let’s talk about Digital Sunsets. I’m not 100% sure if I coined that phrase
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#226 Carpe Diem

Seize the Day! (Or Is It “Pluck the Day”?!)
Carpe Diem!! … Seize the day!! I don’t know about you, but I get fired up just saying that. (Hah.) Today we’ll have fun looking at the
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#227 Carpe Punctum

You Can’t Seize Days—Only Moments
In our last +1, we talked about the ancient roots of the phrase carpe diem—seize the day. We learned that a more accurate translation

#236 Circadians + Ultradians

The Rhythms of Life
At this stage, we’re all familiar with the idea of “circadian” rhythms. The word comes from the Latin circa + dies which literally
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#239 "Shut-Down Complete!"

Your New End-of-the-Day Ritual
Continuing our theme of making sure we’re oscillating to optimize our energy, let’s focus on the end of our workday. First: You DO have

#283 Micradian Rhythms

The Rhythms of Life: Circadian + Ultradian + Micradian
We all know that circadian rhythms are connected to the 24-hour, day-long cycles of life here on planet Earth. The wisest among us pay
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#317 Quantum Optimizing

Big Things Come Through the Little Things
In Coming Alive, Barry Michels and Phil Stutz say that if we want to tap into the Life Force that will empower us to reach our infinite
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#324 Masterpiece Day Checklist

How to Reduce Masterpiece Day Mortality Rates by 47%
In our last +1 we talked about the three reasons why we err: necessary fallibility (we’re not omniscient and some things are outside of
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#356 5 Core Habits

How to Consistently Create GREAT Days
In our last +1, we talked about Matthew Kelly’s encouragement to slow down, step back, and take the decade view on our lives. Quick check
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#357 Big 3: Decade View + Core Habits

Energy + Love + Work ← Yours?
In our last couple +1s we talked about taking the decade-long view of our lives. Then we chatted about how to create great days
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#374 Make the Connection

What’s Working? What Needs Work?
In our last +1, we talked about the importance of making the connection between your two ADDs: your addiction to digital devices and your
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#522 To Sculpt or To Be Hacked?

< THAT Is the Question (Two Lists for Your Digital Optimizing)
Continuing our focus on how to conquer digital addiction, let’s talk about a super simple way to get a little more clarity on the
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#664 The Optimize Master’s Program

aka Moving from Theory to Practice
A few +1s ago—as part of our discussion on how to become a Superhero—we took a quick look at the first email our Optimize Coaches
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#733 Ambition + Routine Part II

Fire Walking Our Way Through a Well-Organized #carpediem Day
Not too long ago, we had some fun hanging out on the hot coals of life as we walked to the wall of our potentials. We wrapped that +1 up
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#791 Why Your Snooze Button Sucks

… the Life out of Your Day
Continuing our trip through Mel Robbins’s great book The 5 Second Rule, let’s talk about why your snooze button sucks the life out of
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#818 Want to Change Your Life?

Change Something You Do Daily
John Maxwell is one of the world’s top leadership experts. He’s written a bunch of books and sold 25 million copies of them (in 50
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#864 Fortify Your Pertinacity

Seneca Says: “Until the Will to Good Becomes a Disposition to Good”
In our last +1, Seneca taught us how awesome it is to pursue the straight course to reach the destination where doing the right thing is the
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#917 Sleep Curfews

Caffeine + Exercise + Eating + Screens + Work
Continuing our (second!) trip through Sleep Optimizing, let’s talk about some important curfews. Remember our Top 10 Sleep Kryptonites?
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#1007 PM Counts Twice

PM → AM + DAY + PM = #carpediem
The other day I was revisiting my Masterpiece Day. I’m pretty much constantly tweaking it on a micro +1 level and, when needed, revisiting
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#1013 The Puzzle of Life

And How to Build It
Emerson and I recently got into puzzles. We started with a 100-piece, little-kids’ puzzle of The World. 🌎 Then we went to a
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#1015 It’s Day 1

But Only Always
In our last +1, we had fun chatting about the diploma we give to our Optimize Coaches. It so perfectly captures the underlying purpose of
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#1019 Pythagoras’s PM Review

Via His Golden Verses
In our last couple +1s, we retraced my steps through the Optimize Stoic library of wisdom—going from Musonius Rufus’s Lectures and
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#1037 Getting out of Bed and High-Fiving Hercules

Aka: Moving from Theory to Practice
In our last +1, we talked about The Choice of Hercules. I actually shared that story in my lecture on Day 2 (Saturday) of our Optimize Coach
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#1118 How to Carpe Diem Journal (v2)

Let’s Seize the Day → TODAY!
In our last +1, we spent some more time with Robert Emmons as we talked about a new gratitude journaling practice I’m integrating into my
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#1172 Roman Masterpiece Days

AMs and PMs Featuring 45- to 75-min Hours
In our last couple +1s, we chatted about The Snow Globe (don’t shake it late!) and my adventures with “Shut-Down COMPLETE!” (vs.
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#1203 Make Your Bed

And Maybe Change the World
In our last +1, we spent some more time with Admiral McRaven. He tells us: “At some point we will all confront a dark moment in life. If
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#1253 How to Create Time

And Put It to Work for Us
A few +1s ago, I invited you to join me and play The 100,000 Game. As in: 100,000 steps per week. Which, as we discussed, comes out to an