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The Optimize Mastery Series

Imagine distilling the absolute best wisdom and biggest ideas from the Optimize Core Wisdom library (1,000+ Optimize +1s, 500+ PhilosophersNotes, and 50 Optimal Living 101 classes) into ONE program that can change your life. That’s the Optimize Mastery Series.

Our 250-day program features the 7 (+1!) core Modules of the Optimize Protocol. New modules are released every month throughout the course of 2020. Each module includes worksheets + practice videos from Optimize Head Coach, Michael, to help you move from Theory to Practice to Mastery.

So…ready to close that gap between who you’re CAPABLE of being and who you’re ACTUALLY being so you can more consistently express the optimus-best, most heroic version of yourself in service to the world?

Awesome. Join us and LET’S DO THIS!

Mastery Series Modules


Module IV: Carpe Diem - Part 4: Energy

Create Rhythms. Train Your Recovery. Flip the Switch.

With our AM and PM Bookends coming together, we’re ready to Optimize our Energy throughout the day. Too many of us go through our days constantly “on” and, as a result, feeling a sense of what we call “enervated anxiety” (a close relative of burnout and bleh). To help the cause, we’ll teach you how to create a deep sense of “Energized Tranquility” by systematically creating rhythms to our days that enable us to show up as our best selves more and more consistently throughout the day and over the years and decades ahead. (Boom!)

Module IV: Carpe Diem - Part 5: Work

Going Deep Pre-Inputs with 100% Presence

With our Energy Optimized, we’re ready to go Deep and give ourselves most fully to the world via deep, meaningful work. We’ll talk about how to go Deep, discover our idiosyncratic rhythms and track our awesome via our Carpe Diem journal. Whether you’re a startup CEO or a stay-at-home supermom, we’ll be creating a ton of flow via deliberate, intentional, deep and meaningful work.

Module IV: Carpe Diem - Part 6: Love

Love 0.0 + Love 1.0 + Love 2.0 + Love 3.0 + Love 8.0 + Love ∞.0

Now that we know that Today's the Day and have our AM and PM Bookends rocking along with superhero levels of Energy and Work, we're ready for the most important thing: LOVE. In this session we'll redefine Love and set some fun daily targets as we master Love 0.0, Love 1.0, Love 2.0, Love 3.0, Love 8.0 and Love ∞.0. When? TODAY!!! And tomorrow and…

Module IV: Carpe Diem – Part 7: Carpe Week'em

Extending the Rhythms of Our Days to Our Weeks and Turning Pro

In which we apply what we've learned about creating Masterpiece Days to create Masterpiece Weeks, becoming Professional Optimizers as we focus on the process, make progress, cultivate confidence, demonstrate consistency, and commit to spiraling up by keeping score on the things that matter most.

Live Coaching w/ Brian

Recording of the Most Recent Session

Brian Connects Live with Optimize Coaches on June 19, 2020

Module V: Algorithms - Part 1: The Big Picture

Using Our Willpower Wisely to Install Habits That Run on Autopilot

In which we learn how to install and delete algorithms (aka habits!) that will make it easy for you to show up as your best self. We need to get really good at using our willpower wisely to install great habits that run on autopilot so we can give the world all we’ve got. We’ll master this process as we create our first set of algorithms and start thinking about our Top 10 Power Algorithms we want running the show.

Module V: Algorithms - Part 2: Install

Being a Good Co-Pilot for Your Daimon Pilot and Basal Ganglia Auto-Pilot

In which we make it really, really easy to create good habits, identify the #1 habit that will have the most positive impact on our lives if we START doing it, and install it.

Module V: Algorithms - Part 3: Delete

Removing the Habits That Make You Crash or Create an Unnecessarily Bumpy Ride

In which we make it really, really hard to do the bad habits that we know don't serve us, identify the #1 habit that will have the most positive impact on our lives if we STOP doing it, and delete it.

Module V: Algorithms - Part 4: Top 10 Power Algorithms

The Essential Algorithms to Install to Reach Your Heroic Potential

After asking the important question of "What variable are we Optimizing for?," we explore The Top 10 Optimize Power Algorithms we can use to create a higher probability of living in alignment with our Daimons.

Module VI: The Fundies - Part 1: The Big Picture

Energize to Optimize and Alchemize: Virtue-Wise, Peak-Performance-Wise, and Spirituality-Wise

Optimizing all starts with a strong foundation. Let's plug in and shine by getting clarity on the fundamentals: Eating, Moving and Sleeping plus Breathing, Being Present, Being Grateful and Prospering. After hanging out with John Wooden and learning how to put on our socks and build skyscrapers, we'll identify your #1 self-care habit that keeps you plugged in and we’ll make a 100% ALL IN commitment to installing the habits that will let your soul shine with radiant enthusiasm as you get in the best health and of your life.