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Optimal Living 101 Master Classes

As you know, our program is designed to help you OPTIMIZE every aspect of your life (!) so you can actualize your potential--giving your greatest gifts in greatest service to the world so we can change the world together.

We’ve structured our membership program so you can either jump in to the latest class or pick a favorite or start from the first one and work your way thru.

Latest & Greatest!

Antifragile 101 How to Use Everything to Fuel Your Heroic Growth

You can be fragile, robust or antifragile. Do you break when you get hit by life? Or are you kinda resilient? Or… Are you antifragile—do you actually get STRONGER the more life kicks you around?! Learn how to get comfortable being uncomfortable as you step into your infinite potential and use *everything* to fuel your heroic growth.

Stoicism 101 How to Apply the Ancient Wisdom of Seneca, Epictetus and Marcus Aurelius to Your Modern Life

I love Stoicism. In this class we take a quick look at the cast of characters (from founder Zeno to Seneca + Epictetus + Marcus Aurelius) and then dive into the ultimate goal of Stoicism (hint: become bff’s with your inner daimon so you can experience a state of well-being and flourishing) along with the practices that help us apply this wisdom to our lives. We’ll create energized tranquility and equanimity as we have fun becoming our own ideal sages.

live from Jan 07, 2017

Greatest Year Ever 101 2017 (LIVE) How to Make This the Best Year of Your Life and Create an Unending String of Such Years

Want this year to be the greatest year of your life? Here’s how to go about making that happen. It all starts with putting yourself in to permanent beta mode, mastering your fundamentals, identifying your #1 most important goal (what would make this year a WILD success for you?!), lining up your dominoes and making progress #smokeybot style.

Goals 101 How to Set and Achieve Goals That Will Help You Flourish

Ready to set and achieve great goals that will help you do heroic work? Awesome. This is the class. We’ll learn why goals are so important, how to set your #1 goal, identify your Big 3, master the motivation equation, turn the serenity key and be your ideal self NOW!

Conquering Anxiety 101 How to Tame the Anxious Gremlins and Live with Calm Confidence

Ready to conquer anxiety? Our first step is to embrace the fact that it happens and then we’ll quit making it worse as we choose a target (calm confidence!), get our fundies in order, remember to breathe (deeply + properly), turn the serenity key in our brains, do some Olympic-style focus training so we see challenges not threats as we exit our mind and enter the moment. We’ll also look at how to create calm confidence in 5 steps and how to tap into infinite calm confidence. Tame those gremlins and rock it!

Leadership 101 How to Inspire and Empower People to Do Great Things

Leadership is all about inspiring and empowering people to do great things. In this class, we’ll explore the fact that leadership starts by leading yourself as we identify your noble purpose, chisel your foundation, create a compelling vision, embrace the process, and do what you’re here to do. We’ll also look at the power of charisma, the neuroscience of being an iconoclastic leader, and discuss the best-kept secret of leadership to help you create your legacy.

Self-Care 101 How to Honor Your Goddess Body and Create a Beautiful Life (Special guest teacher: Alexandra!)

Alexandra joins us as a guest teacher for this class! In today’s society it’s truly a revolutionary act for women to take exquisite care of themselves. In this class, we will challenge some of the beliefs that stop you from truly caring for your unique body as we find creative ways to align your life with who you are. You’ll discover how to come home to yourself, create a blueprint to help you flourish, know and trust your beautiful body, own your greatness, and live from a place of good enough and love. Basically, remembering that you’re awesome and all you need to do is let your goodness shine!

Optimal Nutrition 101 How to Optimize Your Health, Energy and Happiness Starting at the End of Your Fork

Nutrition. It’s easy to get lost in the labyrinth of conflicting science. In this class, we focus on the 2 facts Michael Pollan tells us we can all agree on and then look at how to eliminate the primary causes of disease caused by our modern diets. Optimizing our health, energy and happiness starts at the end of our fork!

Learning 101 The Science of How We Learn and Make Things Stick (Efficiently)

Did you know there’s a science (+ art!) to learning? Yep. In this class, I’m excited to share some of my favorite Big Ideas on how to learn + make things stick–efficiently! Whether you’re a student, parent, teacher or life-long learner, I hope you enjoy!

Movement 101 How to Optimize Your Energy, Genes, Mind, Mood and Body as a Perpetual Motion Machine

Movement. It’s about more than just exercise. Did you know you can be active *and* sedentary? Yep. In this class we’ll take a look at how to optimize your energy, genes, mind, mood, and body as a perpetual motion machine!

Conquering Perfectionism 101 How to Quit Being a Perfectionist and Start Being an Incremental Optimizer

High standards are great. Perfectionism? Not so much. In this class, we’ll take a look at why it’s so important to embrace the constraints of reality as we have fun incrementally optimizing–aggregating and compounding tiny improvements over time to create magic!

Peak Performance 101 How to Reach Your Potential and Perform at Your Best When It Matters Most

Ready to reach your potential and perform at your best when it matters most? Fantastic. Let’s get clear on where you’re headed, go all in, and cultivate our grit + presence + self-confidence as we vacuum up any potential choke dust, visualize, let it rip and win or learn.

Willpower 101 The Science of Self-Control and How to Build Your Optimizing Engine

Willpower is the queen of all virtues. It outpredicts IQ by a factor of TWO for academic performance (and everything else we want in life). This class is all about the science of how to systematically build our willpower so we can reach our highest potential.

Fatherhood 101 How to Win Dad of the Year While Doing Your Life's Work

Did you know the word “parenting” comes from the Latin “to bring forth”? Yep. Begs the question, what do YOU want to help bring forth in your kids?! In this class, we explore 10 of my favorite Ideas on how I’m approaching fatherhood and going for dad of the year while doing my life’s work.

Optimal Sleep 101 How to Get a Great Night of Sleep to Optimize Your Energy, Mood and Mojo

Sleep. It’s the secret sauce to optimal living. In this class, explore my Top 10 favorite Big Ideas on how to create consistent, great night’s of sleep to optimize your energy, mood and mojo. We’ll start with why, unpack the kryptonites that get in the way, set some curfews and get you sleeping like a champ.

Optimal Business 101 How to Create a Great Business and Get Paid to Change the World

Over the last 20 years, I’ve spent half my time in Founder/CEO-mode and the other half in Philosopher-mode. Before going all in as a Philosopher, I built and sold two market-leading social platforms (raising $10m in the process). In this class, I share my Top 10 Ideas on how to create a great business and get paid to change the world. Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, solopreneur, small business owner or leader in any organization, we hope you love it.

Creativity 101 How to Create Cool Stuff and Do Your Life's Work

In this class we’ll look at your #1 creative project, doing your life’s work, turning pro and the three laws of mastery. Plus how to get your mind right and deal with troll poop. Let’s master the process of consistently creating cool stuff and giving our gifts to the world!

Mommahood 101 How to Celebrate Motherhood—The Most Creative Work of Your Life! (Special guest teacher: Alexandra!)

In this special class, my wife Alexandra joins us to share her Top 10 Big Ideas on how to celebrate the most creative time of your life. Discover how to mother from your essence, be a self-care queen, ignite your desire power and see your mothering as holy work + invisible art as you bring more fun and play and mindfulness into your heroine’s journey.

Purpose 101 How to Discover Your Purpose and Fulfill Your Destiny

Abraham Maslow tells us that what one can be, one must be. Actualizing our potential is like oxygen for the soul. Helping you discover your purpose and fulfill your destiny is what this class is all about.

Confidence 101 How to Create Indestructible Trust in Yourself

Confidence.The word comes from the Latin con + fidere and means “with intense trust.” To have intense trust in what? In YOURSELF. *That* is true confidence–having total trust in yourself knowing you can handle whatever life throws at you. Helping you create that kind of indestructible trust in yourself is what this class is all about.

Conquering Depression 101 How to Tame the Gremlins and Create an Awesome Life

Have you or someone you loved ever experienced depression? If so, it’s time to tame the gremlins and create a sustainably awesome life. Here are my Top 10 Big Ideas on how to CONQUER depression–forged from my own experience.

Meditation 101 How to Meditate without Moving to the Himalayas

Meditation. It’s unequivocally awesome. But it can also get a little more esoteric than necessary. Enter: How to meditate without moving to the Himalayas! Here are my Top 10 Big Ideas on the nuts and bolts of how to create a great, sustainable practice.

Positive Psychology 101 How to Tap into the Science of Optimizing + Actualizing

I LOVE the science of flourishing. In this class, we have fun exploring my absolute favorite Big Ideas from my absolute favorite psychologists. Life-changing stuff. The psychologists: Maslow + Frankl + Csikszentmihalyi + Seligman + Dweck + Baumeister + Ben-Shahr + Oettingen + Segar + McGonigal. The Ideas: Actualizer + Choice + Flow + Virtues + Mindsets + Willpower + Optimalist + WOOP + Why + Stress.

Love 101 How to Optimize the Love in Your Life

Want to optimize your relationship? My wife, Alexandra, joins us for this special class. Join us as we explore 10 of our favorite Big Ideas–starting with a definition of love then looking at the difference between falling in vs. standing in love and then some nuts and bolts Ideas on how to rock it.

Conquering Procrastination 101 How to Quit Putting Your Life on Hold and Actualize Your Potential

Procrastination. We all do it to some extent but the best among us have learned how to conquer it to sustain peak motivation in pursuit of their goals. In this class we look at what SCIENCE says works to quit putting our life on hold and actualize our potential. If you’ve ever procrastinated I guarantee you’ll get at least one life-changing idea from this action-packed class.

Habits 101 How to Discover Your Super Power and Install Your #1 Habit

Aristotle tells us: “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence is not an act but a HABIT.” It’s not about living at your best every once in a while. It’s about rockin’ it day in and day out. Making it who you are. A habit. That’s what this class is all about. We’ll help you identify and install your #1 keystone habit while learning how to tap into your superpowers and create habits that will change your life.

Masterpiece Days 101 How to Create a Great Life One Great Day at a Time

Great lives are created one great day at a time. Which is why this class is a key component to rockin’ it. Step 1: Make TODAY the day. Know what your ideal days look like (we’ll help you figure it out), set clear targets, make progress while you make waves, control the kryptonite, create AM + PM bookends, remember the Deep Work + Deep Love blocks and iterate, iterate, iterate.

Greatest Year Ever 101 How to Make This the Best Year of Your Life and Create an Unending String of Such Years

Want this year to be the greatest year of your life? Here’s how to go about making that happen. It all starts with putting yourself in to permanent beta mode, mastering your fundamentals, identifying your #1 most important goal (what would make this year a WILD success for you?!), lining up your dominoes and making progress #smokeybot style.

Optimal Living 101 The Intro Class

Isn’t it a bit odd that most schools go from Science to Math to History but somehow miss the class on how to live? For some wacky reason “Optimal Living 101″ doesn’t usually make the schedule. But, you’re in luck. Now that class does exist!

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Connection 101

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Family 101

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Master Class Coming Soon

Optimal Breathing 101 How to Reach Your Potential by Crushing It Day-In & Day-Out

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