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Hero Training 101

UPDATE!!! The Hero Training 101 workshop is next week! (April 21-23) and we have closed ticket sales. Appreciate everyone who has signed up and look forward to seeing you all soon!

My friend and fellow hero-in-training:

As you may have picked up from my recent work, I’ve fallen in love with the etymology of the word “hero.”

In ancient Greek, the word “hērōs” meant PROTECTOR. Not “tough guy” or “killer of bad guys” but PROTECTOR.

A hero has strength for TWO.

A hero’s secret weapon? LOVE. Compassion. Empathy. A hero, quite simply, cares.

And… A hero is willing to do the (often hard!) work of creating the strength for 2 (or for 20 or 200 or 2,000 or… 2m… or 2b…).

Our world needs heroes today more than ever before.

We need YOU to be a hero.

Which is why I’m dedicating all my energy to being the change I want to see in the world and helping us all step into the next phase of our heroic leadership—being willing to take bold steps to make a difference in the world. That will, of course, mean different things for each of us, but the essence of the call to heroic leadership is the same: It’s time for each of us to step up and express the highest version of ourselves in service to our families, communities, countries and world.

In addition to doing everything I possibly can to help you make 2017 the greatest, most heroically awesome year of your life via all of our free + member content, we are also very excited to announce my first ever offline immersion weekend.

We’re calling it Hero Training 101. It’s time.

The event will take place the weekend of April 21st-23rd at a beautiful seaside resort in Southern California (30 minutes southwest of Ojai right between LA and Santa Barbara).

I will be sharing my best stuff to help you create the greatest year of your life and, in the process, help you create heroic mastery of every facet of your life.

We’ll start by figuring out what you’re here to do. How will YOU be heroic? What bold steps will you take to give your greatest gifts in greatest service to the world? Who must you become to make that vision a reality?

We’ll figure out your highest calling and then challenge you to STEP UP and create the strength to make that dream a reality.

Then it’s about your fundamentals. Absolutely dialing in your nutrition, your movement, your sleep, and your ability to focus your mind—putting your attention where you want, when you want for how long you want—the skill that psychologists tell us is THE most important attribute of the greatest and happiest among us.

We’ll master the process of setting and achieving goals. Building habits and using your willpower wisely. Cultivating humble yet heroic confidence. Mastering the process of getting stuff done while conquering any procrastination, anxiety or depression. We’ll step into our full leadership potential and master the process of using business as a force for heroic good.

And, most importantly, we’ll focus on love. Not just for a few people with whom we’re close. But for everyone and all of life—remembering that THE secret weapon of the true hero is LOVE. Fully embodied and expressed in every micro-moment of our lives as we dig deep and commit to most fully giving ourselves to our families, communities, countries and world.


We’ll be doing this work TOGETHER.

I can’t begin to tell you how much it means to me to create real, physical, in-person connections with you and to create the space for you to connect with other extraordinary people from around the world who share our values and our deep commitment to optimizing our lives so we can make a profound contribution to our families and world. (I get misty typing that.)

As always, we’re keeping things super simple and in integrity with our commitment to give the best to the most for the least.

Here’s the plan:

If you’re a member, you’ll get streaming access to everything that’s happening that weekend as part of your $10/mo package. (Obviously, we can charge extra for this but we’re serious about astonishing you and truly giving the best to the most for the least—knowing that not everyone is in the position to afford a trip out to Southern California or to pay more than what they’re already paying.)

For those of you who can make it out to Southern California, you can join us for the weekend for only $250.

That’s it. Super simple. (We’ll also provide travel information, discounts on local hotels and all that jazz to make your trip easy and awesome.)