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The biggest ideas from Atomic Habits by James Clear, Grit by Angela Duckworth, and The Daily Stoic by Ryan Holiday distilled into 6-page PDFs and 20-minute MP3s.

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Get life-changing ideas and practices from the world’s leading experts in productivity, peak performance, psychology, entrepreneurship, behavioral change, and more--all via our popular desktop and mobile apps.

3,500 BIG ideas to rock your life

You know how every great book has a handful of really Big Ideas you like to underline and asterisk and fold the page over on so you can quickly come back to ‘em later? We’ve done that for you.

Become a better you in 20 minutes

Each PDF and MP3 is about 20 minutes long and covers the key points you’ll need to consciously step towards living your greatest life.
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“If you’re serious about living a deep life give serious attention to Optimize - I think you’ll be hooked.”
Cal Newport
Associate Professor in Computer Science at Georgetown University, Author of Deep Work, Digital Minimalism, and more.
“I so appreciate PhilosophersNotes--filled with deep and powerful wisdom. As a busy mother and lawyer, I never seem to have enough time in the day to satisfy my thirst for new wisdom and growth. So I particularly love giving the Notes a quick read as part of my morning routine, and then contemplating the “Big Ideas” of the day (and how I can more deeply incorporate them into my own life) while making breakfast for my son, driving to the office, riding in the elevator, etc.--whenever I have a quiet moment. You've made it so easy to do, and I can honestly say that this practice helps me stay centered and intentional throughout my day. Thank you for this precious gift!”
Mother & Attorney

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Learn the biggest ideas from these life-changing books and become a better you in less time than it takes to watch a sitcom.

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