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My beloved Optimize community:

This is Brian.

I am typing this with a heavy heart and an enraged soul as I contemplate how to best address the crisis our nation is facing following the brutal deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and countless others.

Frankly, as a white man who has lived in a bubble of privilege for the last four and a half decades, I don’t know where to begin. I can’t even imagine the pain and suffering and prejudice our black community members and their families face on a day-to-day basis.

Which, of course, points to precisely where I need to begin: by getting a deeper understanding of the systemic racism and inequality that plagues our country and our world.

We have received a number of book recommendations from our community that address these issues. (Thank you!!) I will be immersing myself in that collection of books as I wrap my heart and soul around these issues and strive to share any wisdom I can with our community via our Notes, +1s, etc.

That is the most obvious, immediate next step I see in how I can begin to play my role well.

As an organization, we’re also committed to doing a better job of both representing and supporting the beautiful diversity of our world.

That will include featuring the wisdom from a more diverse collection of authors—both in our Notes and our Optimize Coach program. (We recognize that the authors who represent our current collection are shockingly white.) We appreciate receiving your recommendations on books you think we should feature. (You can share them here.)

Further, we’re committed to supporting organizations and leaders that serve the black community via scholarships to our general Optimize membership and to our Optimize Coach program. Again, we would very much appreciate any and all recommendations on organizations you think might benefit from our work. And, to the extent you can help connect us with organizations you think would benefit, we would be deeply grateful. (You can share those here.)

Beyond that, and perhaps most importantly, we would be honored to have your guidance on how YOU think we at Optimize can best serve you and our community. We would be deeply grateful to hear from our black community members as well as our white community members and, of course, from every other shade of color we are blessed to serve.

If you feel inspired to share your thoughts, you can do so here. I will be reading every single response.

I (and we!) have never been more fiercely committed to confronting the vicious behavior that is plaguing our world—from the highest levels of leadership and throughout every aspect of our society.

There is no question that our world needs VIRTUOUS, HEROIC leadership from EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US.

On behalf of our entire team here at Optimize, we commit to doing everything in our power to serve you as profoundly as we can so that we can approach these challenges with as much Wisdom + Love + Hope + Antifragile Courage as possible.

Black Lives Matter.

Optimize stands against racism and vicious behavior.

We are committed to creating a more equal, loving, and virtuous world.



With love and tears and a deep resolve to serve you all with all my strength.