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Join Optimize Coach!

Optimize Coach Stories

We asked Optimize Masters and Coaches two questions:

How has the Optimize Coach program made a difference in your life?
And why do you think others may enjoy it?

This is what they shared.

(P.S. Want to learn more about Optimize Coach? Head over here for the full scoop.)

Heather Carlone VP of HR and Employee Experience

Optimize has beautifully framed, in a really easy to connect with way, the key facets of life (energy, work, and love) and provides tools to help people express the best version of themselves moment to moment to moment in each of these areas.

It’s made a huge difference in my life by helping me personally grow in my career, improve myself inside out and show up fully with my loved ones; in essence it helped me close the gap between who I was being and who I am capable of being.

As a leader, Optimize has helped me coach others through challenging situations and helped me inspire others to achieve greatness.

J.T. McKinney Integral Investor, Digital Nomad, Martial Artist

The Optimize Coach program has made an astonishingly positive difference in my life in so many ways. I mean, what area of my life hasn’t been improved?!? Among the top are my refined algorithms for my unique, movement, and universal fundamentals, embodying my big 3×2 on an areté-oriented basis, recognizing that there is a tool within our toolbox that we can use in any given moment to express an intentional + 1 (or -1) in a meaningful and positive direction, and my overall quality of application, consistency, and self-belief.

Others would enjoy and value the program because they’ll witness a radical improvement in their identity and productivity within energy, work, love, or all 3! (If they apply themselves even in the smallest, consistent way). They’ll gain a better understanding of and be able to better apply antifragile response-ability and confidence. They’ll also be more informed to what their current algorithms are and be encouraged to collect data helping them to be accountable to their daimon and to closing their respective gaps with their overall growth and development journey. They’ll also find great joy and gratitude for the discovery of their potential, the conscious willing movement towards its actualization, and the impact it will have on the totality of their relationships. Last, but not least, they will see how all of this self-work contributes to the bigger picture of our humanity, our planet, and all sentient beings. Truly, the potential with committing to this program is limitless. Again, thank you, thank you, and thank you!

Jan Feldmann Life Coach

There’s always been this feeling inside me that there’s gotta be “more” to life, without exactly knowing whatever this “more” actually would look like.

Having had quite a few challenges family-wise when I was growing up, I always thought that a successful career and material abundance is what would make me feel fulfilled and worthy. That’s why, after drifting through my teenage years and early 20s, I worked my ass of at college and eventually became one of the youngest principles of a private school that I’ve ever heard off, while simultaneously building an online-business and saving my father’s business from bankruptcy.

Throughout all this time, with all the “failures” and “successes” (using quotation marks because at the end of the day, it’s really only your perception) there were spells of happiness (like marrying my sweetheart or our son’s birth). Yet the feeling of “there’s gotta be more” remained. I’m not speaking of the healthy, innate desire of progress, that we all have, but some kind of pressure that made me feel like the sand of time was running through my fingers to live in congruence with the mission that I was given the gift of life for.

When I joined the Optimize Coach program, it just felt right from the start. I feel like I’ve come “home” in a sense of having found kindred souls in the pursuit of something bigger than themselves. (Shout out to Brian, Michael and everyone else who makes this possible, as well as all the other coaches!!)

I won’t spend much time talking about the content (which is A++++++, but you won’t be surprised about that if you’ve followed Brian for some time), but more about the awesome community and positive vibes that the whole program conveys. Engaging with the other people, implementing the strategies in my own life and now, as a next step, helping others to optimize their lives – this is as good as it can get for me. One thing that I’ve found to be true for me is the following: The secret to living is giving, because life is about “we”, not about “me”. And with this program, I will not only be able to do so in a meaningful way, but I feel like I have finally found what “more” to life actually is for me.

Janita Pavelka Holistic Health and Wellness Coach

The Optimize Coaching program has been AWESOME and life-changing. First of all, I FINISHED what I started. (Which gives me incentive to go back and finish a few other programs I did not finish…:) .

Also, it kept me sane, on track and focused. I went through a major life change this past year and the fundies helped me grow muscle and do “big girl” things. I not only survived, but thrived.

Yes! I LOVE to learn and gobbled up the information. Holding us to high standards helped me implement the old (and new) practices into my daily life. “It’s just like me to do more than what I’m asked.” “It’s just like me to take risks in life.” “It’s just like me to be strong in the Lord and the power of His might.” “It’s just like me to finish what I started.” etc. My self-talk has greatly improved and even if every day is not a stellar day (like today with a botched $$ haircut and dropping my $$ phone (!!)), it’s ok because it gives me another reason to build my antifragile muscle. I believe it’s good to take control of ourselves in every area, and the physical area is my keystone.

I LOVE the fundies as I dialed in my plant-based whole foods eating, moved my body every day (even doing those dang 104 burpees regularly!) and found the magic key to being in bed 10 hours a night with my eye mask and ear plugs.

Plus my meditation is up to 16 minutes in my AM and PM bookends. I am on the ascent to Mt. Everest…and I AM GOING TO MAKE IT! Yes! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I have a heart full of gratitude. In the end, it all boils down to loving God and man, navigating life’s curvy road and rocking the action-packed passage.

Jason Hancock Co-Owner of Kumon of Northwest Greensboro & Father of 2

The Optimize Coach program has been a lighthouse/beacon for me in my journey of reconnecting to my true essence! While being great exemplars of the tools and strategies that are assisting me in the expression of my idiosyncratic self-actualization to give more than I receive!! That being said there are truly no words to express how much Optimize Coach has impacted my life!!! My hope is to give to the world more than I have received!!! Let’s do this!!! That’s just like me!!! This happens to me all the time!!! I love you Brian and team!!!☝️❤️

Jason Komosa CEO of Komosa Coaching

Optimize has fueled my growth in terms of the relationship I have with myself, my purpose on this earth, and my overall quality of being. The coaching program has completely shifted and enhanced the lenses I place on any situation, and, allowed me to truly open up in a way I never thought possible.

Jeremy Strawn Owner/Head Coach of Ralston Creek Crossfit

It is hard to describe how the coaching program has helped me without first understanding that I find self value in giving to others, often to a fault.

The Optimize Program has lead me to understand myself better, the importance of self mastery and taking care of myself first so I may have a larger impact on the world.

It has always been hard for me to say no or admit I need guidance, but Brian and the Optimize Team have opened a new door for me which has ultimately made my coaching practice and my personal life richer and more vibrant.

Josh Howell Founder of WebGeek & Developer

The Optimize Coach program has been one of the most life transformative experiences I’ve ever undertaken.
Through the incremental building of my own, unique, daily protocol, I now have a recipe for creating great days consistently – I rarely have a “bad day”. I know what I need to focus my attention on and do on a daily basis to progressively move my life in the direction I want.
Being able to let go of the shame, blame and guilt towards my growth, or perceived lack thereof, has been a significant shift thanks to embracing an experimenter’s / growth mindset and treating everything as neutral data for continual improvement.

Cultivating an antifragile attitude towards life and a growing sense of Euthymia has allowed me to continue moving forwards in life despite the uncertainty and fear.

Enlightening, challenging and inspiring, the Optimize Coach program over-delivered on value!
It was a true grounding in the path of self-mastery.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Brian, Michael and the rest of the Optmize team for making the Coach / Mastery program a reality. It can only get better with each iteration …just like us :)

Kathi Salatino Health and Wellness Expert & TV Show Host

I’m not sure there is enough space here to completely articulate the profound difference this program has made on my life. The shifts that the Optimize Coach Program has created in me have generated a ripple effect in EVERYTHING I do, in my Energy, Work and Love, and how I show up each and every moment of each and every day. I truly believe it has saved my marriage (and quite possibly my life). The classes, the coursework, and most profoundly the deep work and daily #carpediem #big3x2 (especially after my conversation where Brian called me out on not clearly defining my identities) has been a game changer.

This program covers ALL areas of creating the life we design and I am excited to do this work with myself, my husband (who struggles with PTSD, Trauma and depression) as well as my clients.

For anyone curious about creating more for their lives, this deep dive immersion is a Master’s level course in not only being an amazing human being, but into an understanding of how to open up the possibilities for others to do so as well! I am deeply grateful for making the decision to step into this course fully (and will continue to do so moment by moment by moment), my life will truly never be the same. #gratefulflow

Kerry Boehner Biotech Recruiter

I just got off the phone with my accountability partner, and we just discussed this. As a result of the Optimize Coach program, I’m in the best physical + mental shape of my life, I’m enjoying the best relationships I’ve ever had, and I’m having the most rewarding year professionally.

The Optimize Coach program provides the structure and resources to blossom into your best self. While much effort is required for the program, the rewards are tremendous!

Khaled Sultan Investment Advisor & Portfolio Manager

The Optimize Coach program has given me a practical step by step approach to change my life in a way that is unique to me.

If others have been thinking about improving their lives (in the way that matters most to them) I would highly recommend this program.

It will give them the opportunity to develop into the next best version of themselves no matter from which staring point they happen to be at right now.

By far, this has been one of the very best development programs I have take so far.

Kim Plyler CEO of SahlComm Inc.

The optimize coach program made a significant difference in my life.

It helped me gain an inner perspective on my life which helped me focus my outward work in a much more positive light. It helped me center my mission with more compassion and understanding for those around me. It helped me move forward with not only hope, but with the grit and determination to keep climbing.

While climbing in this life this program helped me see and use my inner strength to help those around me.

The swim buddy idea is awesome and I now have a new friend. The networking of like-minded people is amazing.

My entire company is changing with this program. Each moment of each day we all learned to flip our switch into the up position and live the Hero life.

Kitty Moring Vitality Coach, Lifetime Health Enthusiast for Mind, Body and Spirit

The KEYSTONE is the wisdom, the toolbox, and the way it is delivered to you in very understandable terms. It will take you from where you are to where you want to be. I love the way we can measure what needs improvement , and what to celebrate…. this program is the single best thing an individual can do to change their life. And then if it’s important for you to CONTRIBUTE to the world becoming an Optimize Coach is a way to share your knowledge to help those who want to optimize as well. Best gift you can give yourself and those you love 💗

Landry Tientcheu Engineer

I started the program running away from problems. I now view problems as growth opportunities. That’s a total paradigm shift that has served me well professionally and made me a lot less depressed.

Lisa Butler Contract Manager & Writer

Participating in the Optimize Coach program this year helped me implement the practical teachings I’ve been studying through Optimize for years, and today those incremental changes Brian talks about in the +1s have added up to an overall shift where I truly feel like I’m becoming the person I’ve longed to be: confident, capable, courageous and compassionate.

Lori Lang Marketing Manager

In short, the Optimize Coach program is life-changing!

For me, the lessons I learned in the Optimize program have provided the wisdom and processes for me to radically shift the productivity, happiness, and fulfillment of my days.

No exaggeration. The course was THAT good!

An example is my morning and evening bookend (routine). I used to get up and go straight to work without giving much thought to my habits. By mid-morning, I was strung out, irritable, and tired.

In the evening, I would watch television, read, or check social media on my phone right up until I closed my eyes. I was having trouble sleeping, waking up around 3:00 am, and having a hard time with sleep in general.

All that has changed.

Now I have a dedicated morning routine that doesn’t include work or my phone for a full hour after I’m out of bed. And I avoid all screens (television and cell phone) and blue light an hour before going to bed.

I sleep better, I feel better, and I perform better in all areas of my life. And I’m a much more attentive mom, wife, daughter, and friend.

Optimize Coach has changed my life in so many ways. Brian Johnson and Team are the real deal. I would recommend this program to anyone…ANYONE.

Lukas Bönninghausen Passionate Dancer & Choreographer

The program made a huge impact in my life and also in the life from the people around me.

The biggest difference I noticed is the increase of my willpower to commit to my protocol, fundamentals and virtues everyday. BRIGHT LINES :)))
That also encouraged my friends and family to work more on their fundamentals.

My Mindset shifted a lot. We talked about all the tools we learned during the program so often that they just pop up in my head when ever I need them to give me a faster turnaround. Its amazing to see how all the mantras like “”Bring it on, OMS, I’m excited, 5,4,3,2,1 action, thank you”” appear in your head just because you repeated them so often. :))

It was such an awesome year with the coaching program. So happy that I made the decision to take part in it. Cant wait for more awesome years ahead.

Mari Lynch Digital Marketer

Starting each day with a +1 has changed my orientation towards each day, day by day by day. It’s a little thing, but it’s a big thing. At the other end of the perspective, the learning, knowledge and process of Optimize Coach has proven to me that I can not just incorporate these changes in my life, but I can use all this goodness to influence and help others.

Mari Uusitalo Writer, Transformational Coach & Mother of 2

There are many reasons why people will love this program, here are the top three: 1. The loving community and community leaders that will gently kick your butt, 2. The wealth of information and resources and the teachings – I feel like I have gone through a life school and 3. The positive transformation one experiences during the year. I have felt accomplished, celebrated and supported throughout the year. My wellness has increased in all areas I set my intention on like sleep, nutrition, exercise, relationships and most importantly, I live with more intention.

Mark Fischer IT Professional & Leadership Coach

The program influenced the agency of my time and accountability of my actions, which I needed in my life. The tools led me to the habits I had to change. My health has change with the loss of 25+ lbs. My outlook on the future is wide open. Bottom line, anyone can do this, the program is perfectly structured with theory, practice, and mastery of the tools and skills to change your life.

Maxine Hargreaves Health and Wealth Coach

Optimize Coach program has been life changing!

I have been following Brian’s work for 10 years, and every time he offers something new, I sign up. I know he will deliver far more than I expect, and Optimize Coach has done exactly that.

I have never wanted to do an obstacle course. And yet on 6th October 2019, I completed my first Spartan Sprint race, in Windsor, UK, crossing the finish line with my amazing swim buddy Julia Myles. I only signed up for this, because one of the requirements for Optimize Coach is to complete a Spartan Race and I wanted to be certified.

I began training with a Spartan Personal trainer twice a week from February 2019, which has improved my strength, endurance and fitness. I also took on board what I learned on the program about nutrition, and joined Bright Line Eating Boot camp on 8 July 2019 to complement my studies. I have lost 35 pounds to date! I am now overweight, no longer obese, and have the same weight that I did when I was 26, 29 years ago! I have worn a UK size 18 trousers for years, and recently have started to wear UK size 12 trousers! I feel fabulous! I love this new slimmer, stronger, fitter body, and everyone is commenting at how great I look. I still have 30 pounds to lose to get to my right size body, but I KNOW that it will happen, in the next few months.

As for Spartan Racing, I LOVE it! I’m flying to LA in 2 weeks for our Graduation weekend, and I’ll be doing my second Spartan Sprint race with my amazing swim buddy and all the other coaches. AND we have both signed up for another Spartan Sprint race in Sussex, UK in April 2020, and are considering a Spartan Super at Windsor in October 2020. I think we both have the bug!

I have prioritised sleep even more and my new baseline is now 8 hours per night. This has made me much more energetic during the day and is evidenced by my resting heart rate reducing from a maximum of 72 in 2017 to 53/54 November 2019.

Our daily Carpe Diem journal has really helped me to create a better balance in my life, giving me permission to work less, and play more. I’m much more productive when I choose to work, and I am more present in my relationships. I no longer spend my evenings in my study. I stop work at 5pm, and my evening is all about eating and spending time with my family and friends.

I met my friend Julia Myles 4 years ago, and we have always connected weekly as accountability buddies. Optimize has deepened our friendship even more, and through our Carpe Diem journaling we have been connecting daily and have celebrated and supported each other even more this year.

One of THE biggest gains for me this year, has been the development of this wonderful friendship. In particular, completing our first spartan race together, and we are both going to LA in 2 weeks for graduation. This is HUGE for both of us and sharing this journey together has been priceless.

I am Spartan Maxine. I am an Optimize Coach, and I will be on this journey with Julia, Brian, and the Optimize Team for the foreseeable future.

If you’re considering Optimize Coach, I do hope you’ll join us. It could just change YOUR life too!

Mike Borst Executive Coach, Team and Talent Cultivator

It’s given me a framework to translate my identity into “”soul goals”” and then into daily plans. Additionally, it’s given me a huge reservoir of ideas, tools, insights and actionable wisdom I’ve been able to take to client engagements, team meetings, and individual coaching relationships.

The Optimize.me community has become a very real part of my daily rhythm and my swim buddy has given me encouragement, support and perspective as we each work to incorporate all this into our lives.

Mike Pugh Tech Executive

I’ve loved leading internal teams over a successful 30 year executive career. While I had passion, potential, and the opportunity to practice in the field, I lacked the knowledge and structure to take it from being a good manager to being a great coach. Optimize provided me with a personalized path to the next level —from theory to practice to mastery.

The impacts on myself and those I coach have been many, but the most obvious was the accomplishment of my FIT@55 goal. While I’ve always been an athlete, I’d never committed to being truly fit. With “”no sugar/no flour”” and “”99% is hard/100% is easy”” as my mantras, I dropped from 205 to 180 pounds (so far). Maybe RIPPED@56 is my next goal? ;) #thatslikeme

Miquel Malet Video Editor

It has given me the tools necessary to turn all these awesome big ideas into action. Before jumping in, I was just consuming the wisdom. Now I’m living it.

Mitch Correia Founder of Marketing Agency

Optimize coach has added a whole new level of mastery and accountability to my personal development. Each session and the follow-up practices set the tone for my whole week and really helped me go from theory to practice and start enacting these virtues and principles moment-to-moment. If you’re looking to improve yourself as a person, your coaching practice, and Optimize any and all areas of your life, there’s no better investment you can make.

Nat Barcellini Coach & Speaker

I signed up for the program mainly because I wanted to learn whatever I could from Brian! He’s been an amazing inspiration, a mentor for so many years, that I could not miss the opportunity to learn straight from him.

And how I was impacted + astonished!! Not only did we get to learn from him, LIVE, every week, but also all we got to interact with him, get coached + celebrated by him… that alone made many of my weeks + months!

And having our amazing community and swim buddy…. it’s been one of the most transformative experiences of my life.

And I can say this: only Brian to get me (!!) to run a Spartan Race! I don’t think I’ve ever dedicated myself with such intensity to something I’ve almost gave up 100+ times. Seriously!!

THANK YOU for all your work! You + Optimize Team!! You have no idea how much you’ve supported me, how much you helped me achieve this year, and how much my life has changed!

It might sound silly but I never ever thought possible for me to wake up at 5 am feeling refreshed. And thanks to our protocols and PM Bookend and having Bright Lines I’ve been doing it for a while now (still can’t believe it!).

I am more focused, more productive and aware of my targets. I know what the best version of me looks like and I work hard every day to come close to that, knowing that I’ll never be exonerated, saying to myself “I’m excited!” and “Bring it on!” to every challenge I face.

I breathe deeply through the nose, into my belly and get grounded multiple times during the day, I look for micro moments of positivity resonance, I deliberately encourage people around me, and settled on my identity of being a Radiant Exemplar moment to moment to moment. I move every 1,000 seconds and never work for longer than 90 minutes on only one thing without having a break.

Today I can say that ARETÉ is an intricate part of my life, thanks to you!

I don’t have the words to express my gratitude for your work and your commitment to us. But I can say that I’m ALL IN!! And I’ll strive to be the best I can be moment to moment to moment, to be a radiant exemplar and an Optimize ELITE coach!

I appreciate you! I deeply appreciate all the time we had together, and can’t wait to see you at graduation.

And… start again :D

Let’s do this!!

Nick Sechrist Chiropractor & SuperDad

So I began this program full of enthusiasm. I was following along, watching all the +1’s, joining the live-calls, doing a few PN’s, and then my life took a drastic change.

My wife asked me for a divorce.

That was in March.

I crashed and burned (quickly) but without too much flailing. A father of 3, totally blindsided. (No need for the gory details…) BUT I quickly shifted to a “BRING IT ON” Mindset.

I prayed A LOT.
I meditated A LOT.
I got connected and grounded A LOT.
I fell back in LOVE with my chiropractic practice and CONNECTED with people WAY MORE at DEEPER LEVELS than I ever have before.

In short, this life emotional trauma, has become a GREAT BLESSING.
I CONNECT with my kids more, AM MORE PURPOSEFUL and INTENTIONAL with them.

A lot of this stuff I knew before (intellectually, not necessarily experientially). However, I know this program helped me move through this process with much more ease and grace. And lastly, everything has become amicable between my ex-wife and I, and I truly couldn’t be better.

Nicole Foust Leader of an Amazing Team

This program has helped me face the hardest thing I’ve ever gone through in my life. I’m currently going through treatment for a recurring cancer and I credit this program with helping me get through it with optimism. Even though it’s hard I feel extremely happy and look forward to each day. I’ve learned to effectively live without anxiety towards cancer and take everything that happens as data that I can learn from. And I’ve learned a lot!

Once I’ve got this thing beat I intend to use what I’ve learned throughout this program to help others that are going through the same thing. You all have helped make something that can be super scary into something that is a challenge I’ve been excited to take on. It feels weird to say that but it’s true. I can’t wait to share this with others and I can’t imagine anyone who wouldn’t benefit from and thoroughly enjoy this program.

Thank you for all you do, you guys are amazing!

Nigel Brownjohn Software Executive, Photographer & Artist

Optimize Coach (the mastery half) has allowed me to properly get my arms around the depth and breadth of material that Brian has assembled over many years.

To make literally thousands of years of philosophy and life lessons accessible in small, related postings is an amazing achievement – but as a resource is overwhelming. To add contemporary works of science, philosophy and life and cross-reference these into ancient wisdom is even more of a feat.

The Coach program, as I had hoped, has allowed me to “come up to speed” on Brian’s research and knowledge. Applying it will be a lifetime work, but the program has allowed me to feel comfortable navigating it and understand it’s potential to impact my life.

Optimize has already transformed my life in many way, but I know I have only scratched the surface (as you would expect with only 10 months of true execution of hundreds of years of knowledge).

I am more disciplined – especially in the areas of Energy (movement, hydration, sleep – and soon nutrition which I have chosen to research further before making radical changes).

I am more self-aware – of my weaknesses and poor choices, but also of when I am operating at my best. This allows me to do less of the bad, and more of the good – leading to “higher lows”!

I am amazed at the basics which have changed – my breathing – the pure essence of life – is more conscious for a large part of the day. Who knew you could breathe wrong – but you can.

My meditation is stronger, due to discipline around timing – building strong triggers for habits, and not allowing myself easy outs.

My spirit is stronger – ironically I am developing faster by being less hard on myself – building “higher lows” (again).

I am more consistent, in so many ways – because much of the Coach program is about being consciously aware of what you are doing; good, bad, effective, ineffective, lazy, energized.

Awareness. Decisions. Actions. Re-actions (when you get off path) and Reflection (for when you miss things in the moment) – these are the key areas of change for me, and they all have profound impact.

By far the best “self development” or “life coaching” investment I have ever made – at any price.

Detailed, specific, actionable and effective.

Oriane Savouré-Lucas Coach

The optimize coach program has made a great difference in many different ways in my life.
First, I’ve found my tribe. I’ve been inspired by people who are engaged in optimizing and closing the gap between who they are and who they can and want to be. It feels like home even though we are scattered all around the world.

The biggest impact has been on my energy and my sleep. I’ve reached my goal of turning 40 with the highest level of energy I had ever experienced and that’s what happened. That’s like me!

I’ve played the game and done the hard work on my fundies. I’ve finally tackled my issues with sleep and discovered the power of oscillating between deep work and deep recovery.

I’ve experienced how I am a better person when I’ve had enough sleep and rest.
I had a strong tendency to work hard, without really recovering.

There is still room for improvement but I no longer consider my sleep to be a variable component of my life in which to tap to add working sessions and activities to an already very busy day.

And I have launched my coaching business in Sep. I’m so proud and happy to have done it this year, surrounded by the great Optimize coaches vibes.
And thank you to Team Optimize for offering me the opportunity to meet a wonderful swim buddy.

Pattie Beaven Conservation Fitness Consultant

Wow, where do I start. Well, I wasn’t feeling that great about marketing myself and selling my soul, so to speak, but through the Optimize program, I found I don’t have to. My actions are the best promotion for my program. And Optimize helped me find the courage to go through fear doors and set-up opportunities to let me shine as a radiant exemplar.

Paul McIntosh Manager & Student of Life

Optimize Coach has provided me with a wealth of tools and the courage to use them. My physical, mental and emotional well being has improved dramatically. I have also noticed an increase in my confidence and social intelligence.

Having a social network platform with other inspired and positive optimizers has been one of the largest contributors to my growth. I’ve “leveled up” by surrounding myself with like minded people.

I had a lot of resistance to join at first, time and accountability held me back. I’m glad I changed my mind. The ability to download and do the lessons on my own schedule was a critical component to my enrollment.

Phil Ferranto Director of Hope Speech and Language Therapy

The Optimize Coach program has been the invisible force that has helped me cultivate the courage I needed to break through previous ceilings in several facets of my life. I can now fully embrace uncertainty and difficult situations knowing that whatever I am experiencing in the moment is exactly where I am meant to be, and that experiencing the moment fully is (emphasis added) the work. By fully embodying this lesson and being an exemplar, I can be a guiding light to everyone I encounter in my life. The brilliance of the program can’t be defined with one concept; it is the sum whole, and the integration of various concepts that may not be revealed until after a growth experience occurs; wherein the magic happens.

Randy Heslip Strategic Health Coach

The Optimize Coach Program has helped in so many areas. For example, I have been training for 40 years. In the last few years my work averages 275 hours a month. Prior to the starting of the Optimize coach program, I averaged 11 workouts per month during the last few years. But since the program started I’ve optimized my am and pm rituals, now I am averaging 25 workouts per month at least 25 minutes each. Optimizing has carried over into my work as well. I would become overwhelmed by doing “busy work” instead of deep work. I’m constantly reminded of “spinny fingers” bringing me back to focus only on one thing. I’ve integrated a number of the Optimize tools into everyday situations, I could go on and on. I’ll leave it at that, but the biggest impact is the love I give to my family keeps growing day by day by day. I love my family, I love the Optimize family. I’m home.

Reggie Fox Graceful Magician

By being “profound” (towards the bottom), this program has accelerated my evolution and “personal development” (unwrapping the masks which I have put on) and has given me the tools, the space, and the inspiration to forge my Soul Goals, Identities, and Virtues, the wisdom to create infinite pathways and algorithms to reach them, the belief I have antifragility and agency in myself and can be a radiant exemplar to others, and the strength to reintegrate with my neglected wounded inner child and move from a dysfunctional codependent adult-child into a happy healthy interdependent adult. “What one can be, one must be,” and this must be the best course and community on the planet that can help you do that.

Riccardo Gelmini Life Changer

Simply put, it has helped me understand better who I am (i.e. the common substantial quest, different for everyone in the form, of finding oneself and walking, while owning, her/his/her-his/its uniquely-eudaimonic path in the apparently chaotic matrix of things that constitutes the interlinked human divine spirit and its orderly positive constructive nature), what I stand for, and what that actually means for me (x2) in relation to the human community.

Robert Jewett Teacher

The Optimize Coach program is a visible commitment to myself to be a radiant exemplar. If you want to build a habit, make it visible! Engagement in the Coach program reinforces my commitment to me every time I listen to a +1, a PN, participate in a class, or interact with the community. My students see the changes in me and want to know more. By helping me change myself, the Coach Program has enabled me to change the lives of my students as well.

Ron Reich Chief A-Player, Player A LLC

I have been studying and practicing personal development for over 20 years and the Optimize Coach is BY FAR the best, most transformational program I’ve ever participated in. It contains the absolute BEST, most essential content with very clear ways to apply it systematically to optimize your life. I thought I was doing “pretty good” before I joined the program, but as Brian says: “you think you’re at a 9, but you’re really at a 2.” That’s so true! These days, I know know what’s like to BE my best self… the leader and son and brother that I was meant to be. And I know this is just the beginning. THANK YOU Brian and Michael for everything. This program is truly a masterpiece!

Shanti Douglas Mindfulness & HeartMath Certified Trainer and Coach

In so many ways. It’s helped me to stay accountable to myself and the virtues that are important to me and my life, to keep spiraling up no matter what. It’s helped me to be and stay encouraged to keep going and to continue to embrace the difficulties. I’ve loved the new language, acronyms, quick reflections to keep things aligned and balanced. The mastery, wisdom, and research has been fantabulous with so many tools and nuggets of expertise from so many amazing wise ones. I loved that we’ve been together for so long and really hope to continue as a large group. I work solopreneur so community is needed and more important now that I’m out of corporate.

Sterling Jaquith Catholic Author and Speaker

More than anything, it’s the constant reminder to keep showing up. It’s easy to get distracted by life and let your goals slide but hearing a good speech every week helps pull my attention back to what I value.

Anyone looking to grow can get value out of this program because it helps you figure out what tools you need and then motivates you to keep using them. Plus, it’s exciting to be surrounded by people who are trying to up their game in life.

Steven Stadler Electrical Engineer, Volunteer Adult Leader for Youth Ministry

In my Electrical Engineering position, I had let my work dominate my life on an individual project, and I could feel this work killing me. I was working too many hours, not getting enough exercise, and not eating well nutritionally. I was having problems concentrating for long periods.

I dove into the masterclasses Optimal Learning 101, and Optimal Nutrition 101. I stopped consuming sugar and grain, and things started to get much better.
I started investigating Leadership training and went through most of the leadership material in optimize. I wanted to become a better leader in my engineering group so I could support myself and others from getting into a situation where work is destroying my life or other’s lives. I also wanted to learn more about being a better mentor in my adult leader role for youth ministry.

The Optimize Coach program started at about this time. I signed up thinking it would help me with leadership. What I found was it helped me in so many aspects of my life. I didn’t realize how much I could improve at becoming a better person!

How can I explain to someone that I thought I had a beautiful life before, sure, with a few problems here and there, no big deal, but now, I feel like my whole life has become an enormous opportunity for fantastic improvement!

I feel like this is one of the best things I have done in my life for my life!

I have good nutrition habits, good exercise habits, good study habits, I am becoming more aware of my thoughts and feelings, and I am stepping into my fears to become the better version of myself on the other side of those fears.

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

Suzanne Taylor-King Life Coach & Speaker

Tracking the habits, developing the algorithms and sharing the wisdom for living a life well-lived has always been my mission, but now having the ancient wisdom, science-backed knowledge and the practical tools to explain, inspire, coach and guide others. This was the most difficult coaching certification I have ever achieved, but also the most rewarding……it was not just about the learning but about the doing and coming out the other side becoming that best version of myself so that others feel inspired to do the same!!

Tara Lorigan Founder/CEO of Co.OfWomen

The magic juice of this programme has been in the combination of three awesome aspects = the quality of the content + the intensity of the learning + the inclusion of my whole life as a daily focus. This has equaled a huge transformation for me across my whole life and honestly, I can’t begin to share how utterly delighted I am that I took on this for myself (I thought long and hard about it, particularly as it was web based) but in simple terms, I am now consistently confident, I am clear in my thinking and focused on the most important stuff and I’m getting it all done, without the stress. In short, this programme has made my happy. I can’t wait to register for the next module.

Thomas Pierson General Manager in Semiconductor Technology & Father of 2

The Optimize Program has had a greater impact on me than any other program I have pursued in my lifetime.

The program has helped me define my purpose, outline the framework for a masterpiece day, and operationalize many of the theories introduced.

Tim Brown Optimize Coach & Lover of Life

I have followed Brian’s work and wisdom for many years and have learned and practiced many of our Optimize fundamentals during this time. The Optimize Coach program has taken my journey to a much higher level as we work daily on these fundamentals as a positive optimizing tribe working together and encouraging one another to be our best moment to moment to moment. I also am able to share this wisdom, in some fashion, daily as I have gained more intimate knowledge of our vast resources that Brian and team have created over the past 11-12 years. GO TEAM OPTIMIZE and THANK YOU!!! I love sharing wherever I can!

Tony Wenzel President, Brandometry (NYSE: BVAL)

If you’ve ever thought that you owe it to yourself to be better – to improve and achieve – every day, then Optimize is the program for you.

Van Wray Consultant and Trainer

The Optimize Coach program was a significant catalyst in changing personal habits around food, movement, emotions, attention, sleep, service, and goals. The foundational engine of introducing change in my life has also been greatly enhanced. Being more realistic and gentle with my own gaps in where I am at and what I am capable of has brought a more gritty hope about growth. Small incremental gains matter, something seemingly insignificant compounds and I’ve learned more about embracing and celebrating the small wins.

Others would benefit through really examining their beliefs and approach to introducing growth. For example, embracing being a good animal and taking care of the foundations of eating, moving, and sleeping. This is one area, among many, where you can learn practical grounded ideas about change and the positive impacts.

To coach from a position of being a radiant exemplar is an amazing opportunity and challenge. To coach from a deep point of commitment to wholistic life essentials is a unique and powerful distinctive of this program. If that is your goal, there truly is nothing like the Optimize program.

Wendy Holt Retired Executive

Optimize Coach gave me the structure I was missing in retirement.The fundamentals opened me up to how I was missing opportunities to grow and flourish. Having a swim buddy to work with showed me I never really do anything alone. Having a community that supports and works together is incredible. If you are lost or floundering or just want to improve where you are, Optimize Coach will get you through all the excuses and reasons and barriers to a more positive, radiant life.

Yasmina Arroyo Healer & In Residency Training

The program really shifted my perspective on how I live. Changed the focus from “fixing” myself or others to inspiring myself/others. Walking the talk has up-leveled my health and energy, making what I do on a day-to-day easier and fun. Mastering the mundane has opened up time and energy for creating what I want in my life, as opposed to putting out fires that result from poor planning or inconsistency. I think others will enjoy the excitement that comes from seeing proof that you can intentionally effect changes in yourself and your life. They’ll love that their vision for what is possible for themselves, loved ones and their clients will be on a whole new level.

Joanna Boivin Managing Director

Before joining the coach program, I had been struggling for over a year with a very difficult professional situation, under a lot of pressure both at work and at home. I was physically ill (burned out and depressed) with symptoms so severe that doctors put me through many medical tests (from head MRI to very thorough blood investigation by a hematologist). Nothing was found although I felt really sick. I wasn’t recovering as if my body had run out of energy completely. I lost hope. My son Alexander (also my swimbuddy) witnessed me breaking down and pushed me to do a Vipassana 10-day meditation retreat and showed me a few classes on Optimize.me.

Meditation was a life changer. It taught me to sleep, breathe and brought silence to my mind. I learned to let go and face my inner fears.

However, coming home was tough: the world I came back to was not ready for the “new” me. (I still refer to that version as my optimize self.)

Within a month I had gone back to the previous stress, albeit able to sleep. Meditation helped me, but maintaining the habit required discipline and willpower, which I did not have a lot of. My swimbuddy and I have compared the benefits of Vipassana meditation to Optimize many times as our lives have been impacted by both. We have found that they are complementary, interdependent. For it’s impossible to sustain a habit of 1 to 2 hour meditation daily without the teachings from Optimize! Where both “preach” moral values and living a life of virtue, Vipassana is not adapted to modern living conditions. Only the most arduous, maybe even marginal individuals, are able to follow the strict teachings and rigourous lifestyle of Vipassana. Vipassana lacks a modern update. The difference is too great between the quiet buddist world and our modern loud and fast moving lifestyle.

We have found that Optimize bridges that gap. It provides practical tools that help build up the willpower and agency necessary to maintain the practice of meditation. It takes “the edge off” the very austere teachings of Vipassana, introducing play and flexibility and space for feelings to be expressed where there is none. Optimize allows for balance, where one can be fiercely committed and unattached to the outcome, loving what happens and is out of our control, while changing the things that can be changed, not allowing winning or losing to influence our practice. It appears that there is little room for any flexibility even minor variations in protocol with Vipassana. Maybe Vipassana is just another tool, whereas Optimize is an all comprehensive life style. Both teach us that we learn only through experiencing. But the Optimize coach program takes us much further as it goes through all areas of our lives, anchoring us in the present day, helping us to install new habits and delete bad ones permanently. My experience is that I have undergone a shift in consciousness. I see the world differently and feel balanced, equanimous, peaceful, happy, content. Is this what enlightenment feels like ? I have connected with my inner daemon and have a sense of higher purpose. The Optimize community has provided proof that there is hope for a better world, the intrinsic motivation to be a better person, to serve without expecting anything in return.

Joaquim Matos Entrepreneur and Coach

Optimize Coach has been a transformation journey for me.

I have evolved in every domain and today I am a different person from what started in February this beautiful walk.
In the field of energy and following the principles and recommendations allied to the fundamentals, namely eat, move and sleep, today I sleep an average of 8 hours a day, I exercise every day and eat healthy food. As a result I regained my weight, going from 78kg to 72kg and I have the ratio W / H = 0.4941.

The use of the 1,10,100,1000, 10k, 25 protocol also contributed to maintaining a very useful energy level throughout the day.
In terms of work I have the result of high energy levels, associated with deep work discipline which allows me, focus, concentration and productivity in the execution of my projects, namely in Optimize Coach.
In terms of relationships I am also a person who is much more interested in others looking to practice Love 0.0, 1.0, 2.0, 3.0. I really listen to people more, focus on them and make myself feel more human.

In all optimize lessons there has been added value, there has been wisdom that with practice I have been including in my identities which I have also stoned over time.

The contents as well as the tools made available throughout the various sessions are very useful and important for everyday life as a person or as a coach.

As for me, this program adds a lot to anyone who is committed and wants to change and evolve in their life. It requires work and continued commitment and has the great team of Optimize doing an excellent, amazing and a professional job, with a lot of love and dedication that provides a deep service in which besides sharing a lot of knowledge permanently challenged us.
To Brian, Michael, Patrick, Calman and the rest of the team that worked a lot behind the scenes, my deepest gratitude. You guys are amazing and it was wonderful to participate in this course.

Many, many, many thanks

Karen Caponiti Director of Music, Musician & Teacher

1.5 years of Optimize gave me the courage to take a dream job that everyone wanted and was mine for the taking. But after 2 years, my ‘killing everyone with kindness’ system had failed, I was spent and I even ended my Optimize subscription-I even declined their offer to send free +1’s my way. Jan 2020 I was depleted; but because Optimize NEGU’d me, I found myself looking at a pic of Kristin (Mrs Michael) Balchan sitting at the table doing her ‘Best Year Ever 2020 Master Class‘ in her exercise clothes and I thought ‘that used to be me’. OMG THAT USED TO BE ME! Signed up again, and at the last minute even joined the Optimize COACH program. I learned the most important, life changing, gifts of my life supported by incredibly genuine, glorious Exemplars and I am comfortable in my own skin for the first time. I am forever altered and forever grateful. Thank you, Brian and Team and my Swimbuds and Optimize family. No more words.

Tanis Corder National Sales Manager

The Optimize Coach program has made a huge difference in my life by giving me the tools to be my best self. The course materials/tools are enlightening and motivating and have lead me down a path to leading the life I envisioned for myself.

Andrew Sampson CEO Blackbridge Lightening Productions

Through the Optimize Coach program journey I have realized the power to transform my life path into one more in sync with my souls goal. Others will benefit in ways that speak most clearly to their own goals and visions. Optimize gives the tools to do that.

Anne Keith Montana Educator

The Optimize program helped me focus on my values and build habits to grow into my best self.

Many of the concepts we learned are in other sources, but Optimize is the only program that gave me specific tools to implement in order to grow as a human.

Anni Barsoum Senior Credit Manager & Mother of 3

I love it. The Optimize Coach program is all about what I like to read and ponder. It’s about creating an intentional and practical philosophy of life. I may have some disagreements with the Stoics, but not where creating and maintaining a healthy body, mind and spirit are concerned. I also believe “an unexamined life is not worth living,” and I have had to examine a number of beliefs and practices in the past ten months.

Anyone who wants to live intentionally will enjoy the programme, and I have been so impressed by the people giving the course, and those taking it. I’m proud to be in such company. Thank you Brian, Michael, Patrick, Alexandra and everyone else behind the scenes. You have added tremendous value to the Optimizers in training.

Bernardo Nascimento Marine Biologist

Optimize coach allow me to go deeper than ever in my self-development. I still have a way to go but I know that the gap between myself “now” and my “best soul” is smaller. Additionally I gained tools that will keep reducing this gap. I’m sure this program has tools that will serve anybody anywhere and that each person that will do the program, will find their tools for growth just by trial and continues practice.

Small note: from my knowledge there is no other program that gather a wisdom that will make your practices as easy as they can be. I’m extremely grateful to Brian and is team and I have no fear of recommending this program to anybody that is interested in being a better version of themselves and to make this a better world. There is no way that somebody can get out of this program without something that can be used for his and or others good.

Candace Pollock Lawyer & Business-Life Coach

Optimize Coach has helped connect more directly to and embody my values — for myself, my family, and community. I had been “admiring the concept(s)” on so many things and relating to from an intellectual perspective. I was not internalizing and living many of them. The sheer breadth and depth of the Wisdom material was amazing. The accountability and community were a huge part of my personal transformation and the transformations I have been able to contribute to in my daily interactions. My Swim Buddy made a huge difference for me.

Denise Lemmon Owner of Law Firm

My business revenue has doubled this year without burnout and during a very full personal year. Previously I would work 24 hours per day for multiple days to keep up. Now I have strong AM and PM bookends, with a greater focus for my clients and I’m more present for my family and friends.

For the last 15 years, I had wanted to host an orphan from Ukraine but thought I didn’t have the time. Then everyone said I was too old. Well, my husband and I put in an application in March. We hosted a 14-year-old boy in our home for 5 weeks during the summer; made a difference for him and loved it. We have started the adoption process to adopt him. We will be parents, due to Optimize Coach! When asked by the social worker how we will handle a crisis as parents, I listed all the tools that I have learned in Optimize Coach. I am also seeing many deficiencies in the adoption process that I’m using resilience to move through the obstacles and growing energy to work on procedures to improve the process to make it more assessable to potential parents who don’t proceed due to the complexity and length of time involved. I have read numerous parenting books and am excited to soon optimize parenthood. We will also host another orphan during this winter break and hope to adopt him also.

My husband had a knee replacement in April. We are co-owners, so I handled his cases for two months in addition to mine while he recovered without exploding. Our relationship has instead grown because I know how to slay the dragons, I had the strength for two and I am not stressed all the time. I have also stopped telling him what he should be doing and instead I am practicing what I want my life to look like.

My father fell and fractured his pelvis at the beginning of July. He has Alzheimer’s, so I stayed with him and coordinated his hospital stay and transition to assisted living. I also coordinated the preparation and sale of the family farm. Through this experience, I’m now developing a program for medical professionals of Alzheimer’s patients to embrace incorporating diet, exercise, and socialization into their lives instead of advising families that there is no hope.

My 13-year-old niece fell off the uneven bars in gymnastics and shattered her arm requiring plates and 39 screws. Coached her on stoic, antifragile and then “”excited”” regarding recovery and multiple surgeries she underwent. It worked and I’m incredibly proud of her and her recovery.

I have developed a PTSD specialty in my firm to assist those who are left behind after an injury due to this undiagnosed condition. I hope to expand this in the coming new year.

Most importantly, I have learned to show up every day and make every minute the best possible. I now dominate my life instead of reacting to it. There truly isn’t anyone who wouldn’t be impacted by this course.

Guy Whetstone Life Science Executive & Entrepreneur

Dear Brian and Team,

I’ve been following your work for years and am writing this letter with the spirit of both gratitude and enthusiasm. Spoiler alert, there is a really happy ending to this story.

Ten years ago, I met the love of my live while giving her a flu shot. (Seriously.. lol) At the time I was working as a pharmacist and she was finishing her Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy. The connection was instant and it didn’t take long before we were walking down the aisle, excited for new adventures to come. We traveled the world visiting 6/7 continents and almost 50 countries supporting both personal curiosity and humanitarian efforts. In 2016 we decided it was time to slow things down and expand our loving family…. without success.

At first, we were simply “trying without trying” until we were officially “trying,” and then “really trying with professional help.” All of the above left us longing for answers, praying for miracles, and yet month after month we were disappointed.

When your Masters Coaching program launched this year, I was excited to deepen my understanding of the optimize principles and potentially address a few imbalances from an expanded career opportunity. I committed to going “all in” and evolving from theory to practice to mastery in core competencies including energy, work, and love. I used the carpe-diem journal daily and delivered each day on the identities of being a Spartan, a Hero for Healthcare, and a SOUL-Mate. I tracked my progress along the way and thought your team might value the results.

I majored in Exercise Science in undergrad and felt fairly comfortable in the areas of diet and exercise. I gained a few pounds over the years but was still in good enough shape to complete marathons, surf and practice yoga on a regular basis. Things really started to change when I committed to following the principles outlined in nutrition 101 (side note… I LOVE the dressing!!!), eliminating many of the toxins, and shifting my foundational fuel from carbohydrates to energy rich fat. The diet modifications made a profound impact and combined with increased intent to exercise (side note… completing my final leg of a Spartan Trifecta with the Optimize crew in December) I am pleased to share that this year I have lost 13 pounds of fat, increased muscle mass by 4 pounds, and have an 8.9% body fat at 40 years of age.

Achieving the results above was not an easy process as I now work as a Medical Leader supporting a multi-billion dollar account in the pharmaceutical industry. The industry at large is notorious for long hours, longer nights and extensive travel. There were countless moments where I told myself, “it is no measure of health to be well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society.” I made one better choice at a time, and ultimately had more energy to show up in a more meaningful way. The improvement in energy, combined with an anti-fragile mentality, directly translated into organizational impact. The results were recognized by our board of directors where I was identified as top 50 contributor out of 50,000 team members and awarded the organizations highest achievement, The Global Excellence Award.

Over the last year I have developed a greater appreciation for love. I have learned the importance of truly being present, the value of connecting with strangers, and the importance of self-acceptance. One of my favorite past times now is to skate-board down the San Diego Boardwalk with my dog Yogi in a backpack. The endless micro-moments of connection from others frequently fill my soul and help me take on the rest of the day with a smile. I’ve also learned the importance of failure as a piece of greatness and am now much kinder to myself, capable of experiencing fulfillment during progress. And most importantly, I am so pleased to share that my wife and I are happier than ever and are finally expecting……TWINS!!!!

Talk about OPTIMIZING!!

I’m a little teary eyed writing this, but seriously thank you! Your team has forever changed our life!

Gisele Partaker Managing Director

Optimize has simply transformed our lives. My husband is so much more present and focused both at home and at work. I feel so much more empowered, confident and able to manage the challenges that life throws at us. I am better mom and better wife. ‘Bring it on’ has been the most effective tool I ever learnt! And I have used it so much!

Also, thinking about the space between stimulus and response has also changed the way I respond to challenges and deep breaths have been so powerful.

Brian and Michael have been truly amazing and they have inspired me to be the best version I can be, moment to moment to moment. I am so eternally grateful to Optimize Team and I hope to inspire many other people with all the wonderful wisdom we learnt!

Thank you Optimize so very much!

Jeff Eschliman VP of Operations

Through optimization I have taken my “floor” to an all new high! I’m living a better quality of life and want to share the process and experience with others!

Jenn M. Distributor of nourishing love, radiant light, generosity

My relationships with others have improved, not because they or circumstances have changed, but because I have changed.

The increased self-awareness is awesome! It took a while, but I learned how significant sleep (or the lack of it) impacts my ability to allow my best self to show up each day.

I gained confidence in myself while building a skill set to do hard things. The philosophy and tools were very helpful to rewire my brain to be more enthusiastic about challenges and doing hard things. Now, These opportunities are my stepping stones that help me spiral up (I welcome them versus live in dread or fear). In September, I started a new job that I wouldn’t have had the courage to take a year ago. Most importantly, when my mother somewhat unexpectedly passed away in October, I was able to show up for her and my family as my best self when it counted most. I was prepared to hold her in her pain and share some meaningful moments with her, because I was energized, full of love, and courageous.

Judi Wearing Quality Assurance Administrator

I have become very aware of my actions, and what it means to accumulate +1’s throughout the day. My efficiencies in all tasks is stronger, and my mood throughout the day is much more even and steady (thank you good sleep habits). I can see problems as things that make me stronger, and I know how to get back to my baseline when something throws me off-kilter. My son got married in August, and we breezed through the whole weekend, having done some great planning and being ready for anything (thank you tool kit). It’s been AWESOME in so many ways. My gratitude game is strong.

Kamal Patheja VP Global IT Legal Services

I have learnt so much about me, and how to Optimize my life through implementing protocols and understanding how powerful my actions are moment to moment to moment. I have learnt about the paramount importance of identifying my Soul Goal and using my soul force to seek eudaimonia and to love my soul. In real terms I have transformed my approach to life to fear to challenged, I have run a half marathon, taken up meditation. Journaling and started setting my priorities weekly and daily resulting in me achieving so much in life and feeling so much happier! An amazing journey for me plus I have connected with an incredible swimming buddy!! Thank you Martin!!

Karen Noble Positive Psychology Coach

The Optimize Coach program has helped me realize the upward spiral of learning and applying the well-being concepts of positive psychology and thriving to my life and to my coaching practice. It is useful for anyone interested in growing and living into their potential and who is looking for a community to support them on the journey.

Kristie Kuehnast Teacher, Wife, and Mother

The Optimize Coach program has made a difference in my life because it gave me an opportunity to refocus on all the Optimize wisdom that I already had heard but helped to bring it to practice through the Carpe Diem and having a swim buddy to go through the experience with. I think others may enjoy it because it is great to connect with a community of people that are on the same path.

“You’re the average of the five people spend the most time with,” a quote attributed most often to motivational speaker Jim Rohn. … Make sure that you’re spending time with people who are in line with what you want for your own life (preferably people “better” than you so it raises your average).

Lateef Johnson Head Coach and Co-Owner of FIT Austin & I Am Living Fit

Finding a practical resource to gain wisdom was what attracted me to Brian’s work in the beginning. The lessons I have learned over the years as Optimize has evolved have be invaluable to me as a Health Coach & Personal Trainer. I have shared the lessons/notes several times over the pasts few years and every time there has been a moment of acknowledgement of the need for that wisdom at the moment. That has lead me to realize that every one is searching for a little bit of knowledge everyday. They just don’t know where to go.

Susie Greig CEO & Founder of Revive in 10

Thank you for creating this course. It’s helped me create a belief in myself, as a fellow human, that there is no other way than to do my very best (and that it’s part of the process to fail) through focus and commitment to be the best version of myself, find my gifts and be of service to the world. The Optimize Coach programme (and the principles embodied) is what I tune into every am and gives me the energy to begin the day in a more loving, anti fragile state of being. It’s what carries me through the day, the focus on the principles, to make the best choices moment to moment to make the small incremental improvements required to make the larger shifts in being. It’s what provides the structure to keep me more buoyant when things are challenging instead of falling down the old unhelpful patterns. I feel the difference; other people around me feel the difference and are keen to tap in to the wisdom for their lives which feels like I’m being of help to the world which in turn feels fantastic! Spiralling out. Others may enjoy it to improve on any specific/ general areas of their lives; if they are facing difficulties and wish to make changes/ wish to make the best of themselves/ incorporate the wisdom into their working lives/ feel alive

Zachary Self, MD Physician & CEO

The Optimize Coach program- and the invaluable wisdom it delivers – has aided me to slow down and become intentional about how to spend this one precious life… moment to moment to moment.

I have no doubt that others would benefit greatly from the journey through the Optimize Coach program.

Esther Gonzalez-Powell Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

The Optimize Coach program reinforced much of what I learned in grad school but added energy and ideas in a way that motivated me to continue growing/learning and empowering those whom I serve. I believe others interested in cultivating a growth mindset and being the change they want to see will definitely enjoy the program.

Shannon Sedlacek Coach & Speaker

Coaching works in part because of the commitment to consistently do the work. Optimize Coach is a commitment to consistently do the work! And the love, support and creativity create a hammock of love that cradles us allowing our best to show up again and again.