Experience scientifically-measurable change

We’re working with one of the world’s leading wellness labs to empirically validate the efficacy of our approach. The early data we’ve collected is compelling. In the words of our research partner: “Bottom line: the program seems to have massively positive effects!” with effect sizes that are “like getting hit by a bus, but in a good way.”

Optimize Coaches express the best version of themselves

Statement Before After
I reflect on what my best self looks like 53% 94%
I deliberately act like my best self 53% 94%
I feel connected to the best version of me 29% 94%

Optimize Coaches exercise and meditate more

Statement Before After
I exercise for 25+ minutes per day 37% 64%
I meditate every day 43% 89%

Optimize Coaches are more confident

Statement Before After
I feel calm, confident, and present most of the day 37% 88%
I lean into challenges (vs. avoiding them) 23% 79%
I can handle any challenge life presents 58% 90%
I feel excited more than anxious 41% 83%

Optimize Coaches do the best work of their lives

Statement Before After
I feel a deep sense of purpose 55% 89%
I feel engaged in my work 57% 89%
I feel consistently productive 37% 81%
I am phone-free at work 19% 62%

Optimize Coaches are more focused

Statement Before After
I can maintain high levels of focus 26% 67%
I consciously engage with technology 29% 72%
I am not distracted by technology 29% 74%

Optimize Coaches feel more connected to others

Statement Before After
I feel engaged with friends/family/colleagues 71% 94%
I feel connected with family and friends 60% 91%
I feel connected with community 31% 73%
I feel connected with humanity in general 41% 77%
I encourage and see the best in others 64% 87%

Optimize Coaches have healthy habits

Statement Before After
I include a self-care activity in every day 55% 88%
I walk over 10,000 steps per day 41% 77%
I avoid sitting for too long 22% 48%
I fall asleep easily 59% 80%

Optimize Coaches are more energized and alive

Statement Before After
I feel energized to start the day 46% 85%
I feel energized during the afternoon 21% 65%

Optimize Coaches create better relationships

Statement Before After
I am kind, generous, and encouraging to others 77% 95%
I connect with new people 33% 75%
I am phone-free while with friends/family/colleagues 31% 85%

Optimize Coaches master their nutrition

Statement Before After
I follow my nutritional philosophy 53% 84%
I feel it’s easy to maintain a healthy weight 46% 76%
I don’t eat food with added sugar 68% 88%
I feel nourished and energized from my food 51% 86%

Optimize Coaches spend time offline

Statement Before After
I spend time without screens before bed 32% 87%
I spend time with zero digital inputs 15% 38%
I take technology-free breaks 32% 64%

Optimize Coaches demonstrate love towards themselves

Statement Before After
I act lovingly toward myself 52% 89%
I feel satisfied with my physical capabilities 34% 76%
I feel in tune with my inner self 42% 85%

It’s time to reach your next level

Have more energy. Do your best work. Feel more connected.