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Optimize Coach Class I | Modules


Master's Plateau #1 + Accountability

Reviewing + Celebrating + Previewing as We Embrace the Lucky Master's Path

In which we review where we've been so far and lay the foundation for a a 3:1 work to rest rhythm moving forward.

Module III: #carpediem - Part VI: Love

Love 0.0 + Love 1.0 + Love 2.0 + Love 3.0

Now that we know that Today's the Day and have our AM and PM Bookends rocking along with superhero levels of Energy, we're ready for the most important thing: LOVE. In this session we'll redefine love and set some fun daily targets as we master Love 0.0, Love 1.0, Love 2.0, and Love 3.0. When? TODAY!!! And tomorrow and…

Module III: #carpediem - Part V: Work

Going Deep Pre-Inputs with 100% Presence

With our Energy Optimized, we’re ready to go Deep and give ourselves most fully to the world via deep, meaningful work. We’ll talk about how to go Deep, discover our idiosyncratic rhythms and track our awesome via our Carpe Diem journal. Whether you’re a startup CEO or a stay-at-home supermom, we’ll be creating a ton of flow via deliberate, intentional, deep and meaningful work.

Module III: #carpediem - Part III: The AM Bookend

Install AM Protocol & Win the Day Early

With a solid PM Bookend installed, we’re ready to show up like a Boss in the morning—waking up nice and early feeling all bright and shiny ready to do some of our most important Big 3 goodness BEFORE we enter the world of inputs. We’ll begin installing a solid AM protocol, including a meditation and Carpe Diem telos practice and, if you can swing it with your idiosyncratic constraints, some Deep Work, Deep Energy, and Deep Love time blocks.

Module III: #carpediem - Part II: The PM Bookend

Masterpiece Days Begin the Night Before

Now that we know TODAY’S the Day (!!!), it’s time to start at the beginning of our Optimal day—which just so happens to be the END of the prior day. As such, we’re going to start architecting our Masterpiece Day with a solid Shutdown Complete and Digital Sunset protocol. We’ll get better at turning our brains off so we can get to bed earlier and wake up (without an alarm?) nice and early feeling all bright and shiny.

Module III: #carpediem - Part I: The Big Picture

Today's the Day to Master Emotional Stamina & Create Masterpiece Days

If we’re serious about moving from theory to practice to mastery we need to know one very (!) important fact: TODAY’S the Day!! We need to make the abstract concrete. And, there’s no better time to do that then TODAY. In this session, we’ll look at the big picture, meet the reporter who’s always following you around, learn about the importance of knowing our protocol (and executing it whether we feel like it or not as we cultivate antifragile emotional stamina), then take a first v1 pass at our Masterpiece Day template.

Module II: The Big 3 (x 2)

Energy + Work + Love x Identity + Virtues + Behaviors

In which we take a quick trip to hell to meet the person we could have become before hanging out with Michelangelo in his studio as we get to work sculpting our ideal selves via our Big 3: Energy + Work + Love. How? Getting clarity on our new Identities and the Virtues we will embody and the Behaviors we will practice. When? Every day. Which is the focus of our next Module…

Module X: Antifragile Response-Ability

THIS Is What We Train For

If our highest goal (our "summum bonum") is truly to become the best version of ourselves, then ANYTHING that supports us in that process is a good thing. What others may perceive as “bad” actually becomes the very fuel to our actualization. As George Leonard tells us, “every moment can be reclaimed for mastery.”

Module I: Eudaimon-ology

Operationalizing Virtue Via Ancient Wisdom + Modern Science + Practical Tools

In which we hang out with Aristotle and Martin Seligman, discover that the word “psychology” literally means “the study of the soul” and commit to studying what a “good soul” (aka eudaimonia) looks like and, most importantly, figure out to how to master the process of high-fiving our inner souls all day every day. (3hrs, 25mins)