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Optimize Coach Class I | Modules


Optimize Coach: Coaching Skills
Watch Live on October 22, 2019 at 9:00 am PST

Optimize Coach: Being and Becoming a Coach

Yes + And

Optimize Coach: You + 1

Going from Being the Change to Changing the World, One Person at a Time

Optimize Coach: The Standards

Operationalizing Virtue via the Optimize Wisdom + Protocol to Be Radiant Exemplars

We explore the standards for operationalizing virtue and what it means to be a Certified Optimize Coach, from theory (Core Wisdom + Coach Wisdom) to practice (the Optimize Protocol grounded in the Fundamentals) to mastery (the never-ending process of becoming a radiant exemplar.)

Mastery Phase Recap

You, the Modern Hērō

We start our recap with a look toward the future and a reminder of why we're doing what we're doing, before revisiting the wisdom covered in Module I + Module X + Module II + Module III (Parts 1-6) + Module IV (Parts 1-3) + Module V (Parts 1-4) + Module VI (Parts 1-7) + Module VII.

Module VII: Antifragile Confidence & Hērōic Courage

An 80/20 Look at How to Optimize the Heartbeat of Our Soul

In which we learn to see all challenges as fuel for growth and develop intense trust in our ability to handle anything life throws at us. Why? So that we can selve profoundly as we step outside of our comfort zones and into the arena - flipping the switch, turning pro, and giving it all we've got. Again and again and again. For as long as it takes.

Module VI: The Fundies - Part VII: Prosper

An 80/20 Look at How to Invest in Optimus You, PBC, to Create a Heroic Fire That Lights up the World

In our final Module of The Fundamentals, we learn how to turn Pro and "go forward with hope." We'll build Optimus You, Public Benefit Corporation, with a personal Board of Directors and our daimons as CEO, before creating a 5-year prospectus and tracking our Optimized investment strategy of profound dignity via Eudaimonic accounting.

Module VI: The Fundies - Part VI: Be Present

An 80/20 Look at How to Focus Your Soul Force on the Only Moment That Matters

If we want to create an awesome future, AND to enjoy life right now, then we need to focus on the present moment. We explore how to Carpe Punctum with the spotlight of our attention on W.I.N, and how to train our ability to put our minds where we want, when we want, for how long we want.

Module VI: The Fundies - Part V: Breathe

An 80/20 Look at How to Optimize Your Breathing for Calm, Focused Energy AKA Energized Tranquility

Having explored the 80/20 of Eating, Moving, and Sleeping, we turn our attention to another potential contender for the title of "most important fundamental." We learn how to Optimize our breathing (through the nose, deep into the belly, with long exhales) all day, every day, and how to train our tranquility with this ticket to self-mastery.

Module VI: The Fundies - Part IV: Sleep

An 80/20 Look at Why We Sleep, Why We Don't Sleep, and How to Optimize Our #1 Fundie

Sleep isn't just a pillar of optimizing, it's the foundation on which all of our fundamentals rest! (It's also the most underappreciated way to change our lives.) We review what science says about the Top 10 Sleep Kryptonites and how to minimize or negate each of them, before identifying the most important things to start and stop doing as we move from theory to practice to mastery.