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Optimize Coach Class I | Modules


Optimize Coach: Examples and Exemplars

Learning from the Idiosyncratic Paths of Our Community of Radiant Optimizing Exemplars

In which we learn how exemplars in the Optimize community have grown from the Coach program and how they’re applying the wisdom (+ their favorite tools) to their unique life roles. (From CEO to Team Leader to Mom to HR Executive to Teacher and more…)

Optimize Coach: Coaching Business

Creating Security, Affluence, and Prosperity as You Step Towards Your Infinite Business Potential

In which we have fun with the etymology of success, and how your highest expression is one and the same as your business’ highest expression.

Optimize Coach: Coaching Structures

Combining Structure and Spontaneity for Powerful Coaching

In which we learn to close the G.A.P.s between who we’re capable of being and actually being, and how we need to navigate structure + spontaneity to develop our craft.

Optimize Coach: Coaching Tools

Equipping Ourselves with the Tools to Serve Profoundly

In which we start shaping our idiosyncratic coach toolkit. And in turn, we begin shaping ourselves and our clients into their next-best expressions.

Optimize Coach: Coaching Skills

Join Other's Teams and Lead Together

In which we address 10 of the foundational coaching skills to we want to practice in order to lead our coaching relationships into their Optimize = Optimus = Best = Eudaimōn = Hērō futures.

Optimize Coach: Being and Becoming a Coach

Yes + And

In which we play with the dynamic tensions of powerful coaching, Yes + And style. We unpack the apparent contradictions we need to integrate as coaches if we are serving others as profoundly as we can.

Optimize Coach: You + 1

Going from Being the Change to Changing the World, One Person at a Time.

In which we outline Phase II of the program and cover the Optimize Coaching framework from a high-level. Beginning with the end in mind, building coaching skills, equipping ourselves with tools, and being the Radiant Exemplar so we can spiral up in profound service to those we feel called to support.

Optimize Coach: The Standards

Operationalizing Virtue via the Optimize Wisdom + Protocol to Be Radiant Exemplars

We explore the standards for operationalizing virtue and what it means to be a Certified Optimize Coach, from theory (Core Wisdom + Coach Wisdom) to practice (the Optimize Protocol grounded in the Fundamentals) to mastery (the never-ending process of becoming a radiant exemplar.)

Mastery Phase Recap

You, the Modern Hērō

We start our recap with a look toward the future and a reminder of why we're doing what we're doing, before revisiting the wisdom covered in Module I + Module X + Module II + Module III (Parts 1-6) + Module IV (Parts 1-3) + Module V (Parts 1-4) + Module VI (Parts 1-7) + Module VII.

Module VII: Antifragile Confidence & Hērōic Courage

An 80/20 Look at How to Optimize the Heartbeat of Our Soul

In which we learn to see all challenges as fuel for growth and develop intense trust in our ability to handle anything life throws at us. Why? So that we can selve profoundly as we step outside of our comfort zones and into the arena - flipping the switch, turning pro, and giving it all we've got. Again and again and again. For as long as it takes.