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Watch Module VI: Part 4 of the Mastery Series From Optimize Coach!

Imagine the absolute best wisdom from 600+ PhilosophersNotes, 50 Optimal Living 101 classes and 1,000+ Optimize +1s distilled into ONE super-practical, 300-day program to help you fundamentally and permanently change your life.

That’s what we do in the Optimize Mastery Series, which is the foundation of our Optimize Coach program.

Here’s Brian Johnson, our Founder and CEO, giving you an introduction to Module VI: The Fundies – Part 4: Sleep: An 80/20 Look at Why We Sleep, Why We Don’t Sleep, and How To Optimize Our #1 Fundie.


In Module VI: Part 4, we learn that Sleep isn’t just a pillar of optimizing, it’s the foundation on which all of our fundamentals rest! (It’s also the most underappreciated way to change our lives.) We review what science says about the Top 10 Sleep Kryptonites (and how to minimize/eliminate each of them) before identifying the most important things we can do as we move from Theory to Practice to Sleep Mastery.

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Join 2,000+ Optimizers from 70+ Countries

Note: Our Optimize Coach program is not just for people who want to become Coaches and/or take their Coaching practices to the next level. In fact, HALF of the 2,000+ people already in our program (from 70+ countries around the world!) do it “just” to more and more consistently express the best version of themselves and give the world all they’ve got.

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I have been a studying and practicing personal development for over 20 years and the Optimize Coach is BY FAR the best, most transformational program I've ever participated in. It contains the absolute BEST, most essential content with very clear ways to apply it systematically to optimize your life. I thought I was doing "pretty good" before I joined the program…but these days, I actually know know what's like to BE my best self... the leader and son and brother that I was meant to be. And I know this is just the beginning. THANK YOU Brian and Michael for everything. This program is truly a masterpiece!”
Ron Reich
Ron Reich


“The program kicked my ass — in a good way! Being an experienced (and I think a pretty decent) coach, I thought Optimize Coach would be a nice addition to my coach resources, but not ‘rock my world’ kinda thing. Instead, I’ve found that I’m being rocked at a very fundamental level, and noticed big shifts in my life and my coaching. A huge thank you!”
Ian Stakiw
Ian Stakiw

Coaching Lead at Large Software Company

Master yourself. Serve heroically. Empower others to do the same.

It’s Time: Join Optimize Coach

Let’s change the world. One person at a time. Together. Starting with you and us. Today.


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Our Commitment

We’re committed to giving you our absolute best in helping you become the most virtuous, heroic, energized, best version of yourself — so that you can most powerfully help others do the same, and so that we all have the strength to change the world together.

We intend to make Optimize Coach the most astonishingly priced program in terms of money invested to return on your life.

And, very importantly (!!!), the cash you invest will be the SMALLEST part of your investment. Expect to pay a LOT in terms of time and energy and courage and grit and actually DOING THE WORK.

In fact, if you *are* doing the work and *haven’t* noticed an impact on your life within the first 60 days, we’ll refund your payment. (And if at any point during the course of the program you decide that Optimize Coach isn’t for you, we’ll work with you to find a solution and make it right.)

Get Reimbursed by Your Employer

Want help getting reimbursed by your employer? Click here to download a proposal template. Most organizations are happy to reimburse tuition expenses for professional development.

Want to Build an Unstoppable Team?

Bring out the best in your organization by bringing out the best in each member of your team. Build collective confidence, increase productivity, focus, and quality of work — while also supporting your employees to thrive beyond the workplace.

For more information on our Corporate Optimize Coach program, email us at admissions@optimize.me.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is Optimize Coach For?


It’s called Optimize Coach, but the program is for anyone who wants to live their best and most impactful life. You choose how you want to use your wisdom to serve others.

Some people join because they aspire to build a professional coaching practice. Some join to be better parents. Some join to optimize their energy in service to the team or organization they lead. Some join because they’re already running a coaching practice and want to up-level their own skills and add new coaching tools to their toolkit.

Whether you are a creative, entrepreneur, CEO, mom, dad, venture capitalist, military leader, HR executive, therapist, school principal, yoga teacher, personal trainer, musician, or [insert role/vocation/passion here], we’re here to serve you in doing that at your best.

When Does Optimize Coach Start?

Optimize Coach enrollment is currently closed. Join the wait list to get exclusive access to Class V early-registration.

How Much Time Does It Take?

Expect to invest around 300 hours into the program, which roughly breaks down as:

~100 Hours: Optimize Wisdom

  • Core Wisdom: Studying PhilosopherNotes, +1’s, and Optimal Living Master Classes.
  • Self-Mastery Series: The Seven Core Modules of the Optimize Protocol.
  • Coach Training Series: Ten sessions on how to Coach, Impact, and Lead others. This content is available on demand via desktop and our app, and most is available in audio + written + video format.

This content is available on demand via desktop and our app, and most is available in audio + written + video format.

~100 Hours: Fundamental Daily Habits and Practices

  • Optimus Breath
  • Being Present
  • Practicing Gratitude
  • Prospering via a Journaling Practice
  • Eating Well
  • Moving Our Bodies
  • A Digital Sunset Practice for Optimal Sleep

We’ll teach you how to do this all in the program!

~100 Hours: Community + Connection

  • Live Coaching Sessions with Optimize Staff + Luminaries
  • Optimize Buddy Connection

Live calls are always optional and available for you to watch on demand.

And…the real challenge of the program isn’t about time. It’s about LIVING your commitment to being your best, All Day Every Day. 24 hours x 7 days a week x 300 official days for the program x every day for the rest of your life.

How Is This Different From Other Coach Programs?

In Optimize Coach, you are your first client (whether you intend to coach others or not!).

We’re committed to helping you become the most virtuous, heroic, energized, best version of yourself first—so that you can most powerfully help others do the same.

In this program you’ll study the best of Ancient Wisdom and Modern Science with weekly hour-long classes. You’ll connect with World-Class experts in Live Coaching sessions up to 12x per month, and an inspired community that will hold you accountable throughout the 300-day program (and afterwards for as long as you want).

You will learn how to feel radiantly alive and energized as you Optimize your body, mind, heart, and soul on a daily basis by moving from Theory to Practice to Mastery, focusing your energy on the things that matter most, living in deep integrity with your highest values, and expressing the best version of yourself more and more consistently.

All the tools and practices that you learn to change your own life, can be used to support others.

While you will be required to regularly connect with and support another Coach program participant (your “Optimize Buddy”), we don’t currently require you to coach for any number of hours or to follow a strict coaching protocol in order to be certified.

How Does It Work?

Optimize Coach is a 300-day, semi-self-paced online program. Each week we’ll share a new module for you to watch (or listen to), along with worksheets and tools for you to practice in your own life (and share with your clients too).

You can join sessions live, or watch the recordings at your own convenience.

Each day (technically 5/7 days a week) you’ll be expected to practice fundamental habits of Optimal living - things like journaling, meditation, movement, optimal nutrition, and sleeping. We’ll teach these all as we go, helping you build your own personal protocol!

You’ll have the opportunity to join live coaching sessions with Optimize Founder Brian Johnson, our Head Coach + President Michael Balchan, and an incredible faculty of world-class experts—multiple times a week.

And, each week, you’ll connect with your Optimize Buddy to practice coaching and provide additional support and accountability.

Will There Be Emails or Reminders or Anything Like That?

Yep! We’ll remind you of the sessions and you'll also find a "What's Important Now" section in your coach dashboard with all the latest news and updates.

You’ll also have a custom “Core Wisdom” dashboard for any self-paced learning - so you can see exactly how much you’ve done and what’s left to do if you plan on being certified.

Is It Cool to Join Optimize Coach and Not Get Certified?

Yep! Just make sure that you’re ALL IN and want the deep level of accountability and support that comes with the Optimize Coach program.

You won’t have to declare whether or not you’re pursuing certification. And, if you do decide you’d like to earn a Diploma Declaration, you’ll also have the option to take your time with it beyond the 300 days. It will be ready for you when you’ve done what it takes to earn it.

What Is an Optimize Buddy and Why Are They Part of the Program?

We’re inspired by the astonishingly high standards of elite special forces training programs (SEALs, Rangers, etc.) and the importance of having a buddy throughout training and beyond. So, we’ll be connecting everyone in the program with an Optimize Buddy.

Basic idea: you’ll support and hold each other accountable to being and becoming your Optimus Best selves.

Previous participants in Optimize Coach said that having an Optimize Buddy was one of their favorite and most impactful parts of the program.

And for those of you seeking to be certified as Optimize coaches, one of your requirements will be that A) you maintain an Optimize Buddy relationship throughout the program, and B) that your buddy confirms you’ve been an awesome buddy at the end of the program.

Note on buddy pairing - if you are joining the program with someone you want to have as your buddy - awesome, just let us know! The team will spend the first few weeks of our program pairing up Coaches with a buddy that is optimally suited to them. This is a manual process based on your intake survey (there's TONS of goodness to sift through to make sure we find the right pairing for you)!

When Is My Next Opportunity to Register?

Optimize Coach - Class V will be launching in the Spring of 2021. Join the wait list to get exclusive access to Class V early-registration.

“As a result of the Optimize Coach program, I'm in the best physical + mental shape of my life, I'm enjoying the best relationships I've ever had, and I'm having the most rewarding year professionally. The Optimize Coach program provides the structure and resources to blossom into your best self. While much effort is required for the program, the rewards are tremendous.”
Kerry Boehner
Kerry Boehner

Executive Recruiter in Pharma + Biotech

Let's Make This the Best Year of Your Life

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