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Optimize Coach Class III

Save $600 With Early Bird Enrollment: Now Open!


It’s your fellow Optimizer, Michael here. 👋


We are beyond thrilled to officially invite you to join us in Optimize Coach-Class III!

As I was contemplating how to describe everything that Optimize Coach has become over the past two years, and trying to wrap my head around the impact that the program has had (and continues to have!) on my life (as well as the lives of my family and clients!), I glanced through the most-recent feedback we received from current program participants.

The notes they shared were inspiring, humbling, and energizing. 

As I read them, I was getting all goose-bumpy and misty-eyed and INCREDIBLY committed to continue doing everything we possibly can to help YOU master yourself, live heroically, and empower others to do the same.

Then I realized that I just HAD to share some of them.

Like this story from Beth: 

“This year I took the huge leap to join this program. I had my doubts that I could complete it. I have not been someone who followed through on commitments and no one expected me too. But today, half way through, I am no longer broken. My whole self image, self identity and self worth have morphed into someone I am proud of, someone I trust, someone I love. I may have precious scars but they do not define me. They make me stronger. And now, I am an amazing person with so much to give to my family and my society. 
My entire self identity has changed. I am now someone that does the”right” thing. I am someone who follows through on commitments especially to myself. I am someone who is fit(ter), who is healthier, and happy. Someone who sets priorities and gets things done. I am no longer afraid of commitment or failure or success. I like myself. I trust myself. And am proud of who I am. I collect all these tiny wins everyday and I can not believe this is my life now. I am someone who expects great things because I have the agency to do the work, to learn, to grow, and to change as I need to.
I look at where I am half way through this program… Just wait…”

(😮 🤩!)

And Brendan: 

“I cannot begin to describe how the tools have helped me, prodded me and pulled me through the most challenging few years of my life.”

And Tracy:

“This course has changed my life.”

And Patrick: 

“I was already trying to do many of the things on the Optimise protocol however the coach program has massively increased my commitment to this. Previously I was just ticking the boxes some of the time now I am really trying to live it and be the best person I can be.”

And Denise:

“I’m so glad I made the decision to join this year. I see so much good coming from this for myself and for those I work with.”


And Lori:

“It has been a lifeline through Covid.”

And Michael:

“This program is absolutely fantastic.”

And Trish: 

“I have grown so much since starting this course and I know that my family, friends and clients have also benefited from what I am learning and implementing in my own life. Wow! Thank you is not a strong enough word to show my depth of appreciation for this.”

And Michelle: 

“I was looking at the value of our outcomes based on other coaching programs and you’re doing an astounding job! I’m just so incredibly grateful!”

(🙏 🙇‍♂️!)

And Miguel:

“My overall satisfaction with life has increased. During this pandemic, I feel I have a deeper sense of inner peace. Doing what I can to contribute to everyone around me.”

And Jean: 

“I’m so grateful for your program!”

And Carl: 

“I’ve lost weight, I’m in the best physical condition that I have been in for many years. I am in the best mental condition I have ever been in. I’ve set a big goal and the Optimize Coach program has and is equipping me to consistently achieve it. I feel a deep gratitude for this Optimize program you are creating…you’ve set out to change the world for the better and I believe you will do it…for certain you have changed my world for the better…and for that a most heartfelt sincere thank you.”

And Stephen:

“The inspiration and guidance you are providing is helping me level up my real world character rather than some game avatar that does not exist in reality.  I am humbled by the ways you are expressing your commitment to me and those like me.  THANKS!”


And Yasmina:

“I’m the healthiest I’ve ever been.  It used to be a struggle to stay at a healthy weight and to maintain my nutrition/workout goals while working residency shifts. With the Optimize protocol, it became a by-product of the way I was living my life. I used to skimp on sleep, eat from a vending machine between tasks aaaaaand tell people sleep, nutrition and exercise were important.  Talking to people about living a healthy lifestyle is so much more effective now… I think it’s because there’s a different energy in the advise when it comes from someone who is doing all they can to walk the talk.”

And James:

“It’s had a huge impact. I set out to improve my productivity and find things I could apply to my business, but I’ve found a lot of benefit from things I wouldn’t have expected to, like connecting more deeply with spirituality and love. I’ve also implemented a stack of new habits to my mornings and evenings which have been huge for my health and mindset.”

And Donovan:

“Since being on the Optimize programme I’ve been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and suppressed it so I don’t need meds; I slipped a disc in my back and with the help of an osteopath and doing a ton of exercises I recovered; my daughter has had a major illness and my wife and I have helped her to recover and earlier this year my mum passed away and I am coping with that the best way possible. Because of my work on me with Optimize these and other setbacks have not taken me out, they became fuel for my growth. Optimize has helped me to be the best me, husband, father, coach and human that I can be.”


And Harriet:

“I have really loved being part of this community – especially now. I now have an established meditation practice and run 5km three times a week – neither protocol was in place at the beginning of the year. The PNs provide me with so much wisdom for my clients and my other coach friends keep asking me about the program.”

And Kelly:

“The biggest success is that it’s been an aha for me that I actually have lived and do live an anti-fragile life. I was too beat down(caregiving, deaths, physical exhaustion, PTSD) to see it and actually build on it.  It’s like having the fog lifted or my glasses cleaned.  Certainly my spirit has been refreshed.  And I’ve had 3 major  traumas during since Feb and I still fell refreshed and more able to deal with them.” 

And Jenn:

“My husband will tell me that,”I’m a totally different person”(in a good way).” 

And Phil:

“A simple yet profound structure and rhythm to the day, and the ability to quickly gain equanimity in any situation. I simply don’t have bad days anymore. I may have a morning where I’m in a funk, or a lethargic moment here or there, but I now don’t stay in that state for more than an hour or so. Optimize, coupled with further exploration of my subconscious mind, has increased my awareness of self and how I relate to others in the world. I know I can accomplish anything, which is very empowering.”

I think we’ll stop there for now. 😄



It’s time. 

A vicious world requires virtuous, heroic leadership—and you at your absolute best.

Join us in Optimize Coach Class-III. 

Head over here to find everything you need to know. (And save USD $600 on tuition with early-bird pricing!)

Let’s be the change. And change the world. One person at a time. Together. 

Starting with you and us.