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Join An Inspired Community

Form life-changing relationships with a community of Optimizers who are ALL-IN on actualizing their potential in service to the world. Connect with a global network of entrepreneurs, professional coaches, parents, executives, teachers, doctors, artists, athletes, therapists, and more through Live Coaching in our virtual Optimizing Dojo, an individually-matched Optimize Buddy, the Optimize Social platform, and in-person community events.

“The Optimize Coach program helped me experience an upward spiral of learning and growth by applying the well-being concepts of positive psychology and thriving to my life and to my coaching practice. This program is for anyone interested in growing and living into their potential and who is looking for a community to support them on the journey.”
Karen Noble
Karen Noble

Positive Psychology Coach

Live Coaching in the Virtual Optimizing Dojo

Come together with the Optimize Coach community up to 10x/month for Live Coaching in the virtual Optimizing Dojo. Live Coaching is hosted by Brian, Michael, Alexandra, and our Luminary Guest Faculty. It’s a sacred space for connecting with the community as we receive support conquering our biggest challenges, stepping into new opportunities, and leaning into the practice of closing the gap between who we’re capable of being and actually being. TOGETHER.

“The coach program has given me a framework to translate my identity into "soul goals" and then into daily plans. It's given me a huge reservoir of ideas, tools, insights and actionable wisdom I've been able to take to client engagements, team meetings, and individual coaching relationships. The Optimize community has become a very real part of my daily rhythm. And my Optimize Buddy has given me encouragement, support and perspective as we each work to incorporate all this into our lives.”
Mike Borst
Mike Borst

Executive Coach, Team and Talent Cultivator

Go Deep With Your Optimize Buddy

Inspired by the Navy SEALs who go through their training with a “swim buddy,” you’ll navigate Optimize Coach with a personally-matched Optimize Buddy. You’ll connect on a eudaimonic level, provide astonishing levels of support for one another, and be each other’s go-to Partner-in-Optimizing. Coaches have told us over and over how powerful these Optimize Buddy connections can be.

Note1: If you sign up for the program with a friend, we’ll pair you together. (If that’s what you want!)

Note2: We’ve also been blown away by how many COUPLES and FAMILIES (!!) did the program together.

Check out this radiant exemplar Optimize Family. 👇 Chloe, Andrea, Harald, and Skylar all (!) did the program together. (Wow.) (Like: Jumbo wow.)

Coach Diploma
“After a long history of showing up for others in a big way, but wandering away from my own goals and dreams, I started the program with something to prove to myself. It’s hard to find the words to articulate how much this program has meant to me. Habits I’d tried and failed to form so many times are now part of my everyday life. I’ve built trust in myself.

My victories are kind of quiet. And yet... they’ve rocked my world! I’ve lost 17 pounds. I climbed the Space Needle stairs — just for FUN! I’ve dared to show up and flat-out suck at something I care about on the path to joy and mastery

The daily personal connection — with fellow coaches who can see a better world and are committed to making that happen in their own idiosyncratic way — keeps hope alive and well in my life.”
Cathy Dodd
Cathy Dodd

Assistant Director of Credit and Finance, Transportation Industry

Join the Virtual Community on Optimize Social

Connect with other Optimizers in the members-only Optimize Social. Share your experience, ask questions, join virtual meetups, and get support from like-minded people who are committed to doing and being their best.

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Surround yourself with inspired people.

Get inspired. Make unforgettable connections. Share ideas about how to optimize your life. Support each other. That's what Optimize Social is all about.

“Optimize Coach has provided me with a wealth of tools and the courage to use them. My physical, mental and emotional well being has improved dramatically. I’ve also noticed increases in my confidence and social intelligence.

Having a social network platform with other inspired and positive optimizers has been one of the largest contributors to my growth. I've 'leveled-up' by surrounding myself with like minded people. I had a lot of resistance to join at first…time and accountability held me back. I'm glad I changed my mind.”
Paul McIntosh
Paul McIntosh

Business Manager

Come Together for Live Community Events

Get together in-person with Optimizers to connect, celebrate, learn, grow, and conquer obstacles together during Optimize Coach graduation weekend.

“Optimize Coach gave me the structure I was missing in retirement. The fundamentals opened me up to how I was missing opportunities to grow and flourish. Having an Optimize Buddy to work with showed me I never really do anything alone. Having a community that supports and works together is incredible. If you are lost or floundering or just want to improve where you are, Optimize Coach will get you through all the excuses and reasons and barriers to a more positive, radiant life.
Wendy Holt
Wendy Holt

Retired Executive


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Our Commitment

We’re committed to giving you our absolute best in helping you become the most virtuous, heroic, energized, best version of yourself — so that you can most powerfully help others do the same, and so that we all have the strength to change the world together.

We intend to make Optimize Coach the most astonishingly priced program in terms of money invested to return on your life.

And, very importantly (!!!), the cash you invest will be the SMALLEST part of your investment. Expect to pay a LOT in terms of time and energy and courage and grit and actually DOING THE WORK.

In fact, if you *are* doing the work and *haven’t* noticed an impact on your life within the first 60 days, we’ll refund your payment. (And if at any point during the course of the program you decide that Optimize Coach isn’t for you, we’ll work with you to find a solution and make it right.)