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Grab your Ticket!

Optimize 2020

You, the Modern Hērō

Tuesday, June 16 - Sunday, June 21

My dear fellow Optimizer,

This is Brian. 👋

Today I’m excited to chat about (and invite you to!) an event we’re producing: 

Optimize 2020 | You, the Modern Hērō

But, first… Some quick context.

I’ve been exploring a ton of creative opportunities for the next phase of Optimize. Long story short, after 5 years as a hermit, nearly-exclusively focused on reading, writing, teaching, repeating (literally, exactly 5 years 😲 ), I have officially set fire to the hermitage. 🔥 🤓

As I contemplated what key initiatives I want to explore in 2020 (beyond the Core Wisdom (+1s, PNs) which I currently intend to continue producing and our Optimize Coach program and Mastery Series initiatives), three things bubbled up for me.

  1. Optimize Luminaries. Perhaps my #1 thing as I exit the hermitage is relationships. I’ve spent essentially ZERO time cultivating friendships. I miss people. (lol.) One of the ideas I’ve been playing around with for some time (inspired by some friends who have asked for this for years) is creating some kind of “networking” (hate that word) group connecting all my favorite people. Enter: Optimize Luminaries.
  2. 101s with Luminaries. Related to creating the context for Optimize Luminaries to connect is finding a way to work together to help amplify their wisdom while creating a powerful collection of practical wisdom. Enter: 101s with Luminaries. We scratched the surface of this with Cal Newport’s proof-of-concept class on Digital Minimalism 101 earlier this year and I’ve remained very interested in scaling this.
  3. Optimize 2020. This is actually the most obvious “must-do” for 2020. We’ll have over 500 Optimizers at our Optimize Coach graduation event in December. We could easily have 1,000+ people if we didn’t limit it to our Coaches and have us all do a Spartan Race together. (Hah!) I’m very excited to create an offline event (featuring Luminaries!) in 2020 that’s awesome. Enter: Optimize 2020.

    (btw: That Spartan Race in December? Team OPTIMIZE will be THE largest team in Spartan Race history! (!!!) Imagine a sea of blue Optimize t-shirts as we roll hundreds deep! Join us next year?!)

So… I’m doing my Deep Work one fine morning contemplating all of the above and the wonderful idea popped into my head: “Why don’t we just combine all three in one epic event?” 

Enter: Angels singing. 👼

And, now for the high-level overview of how I (currently) see it coming together.

Optimize 2020 | You, the Modern Hērō

☝️The premier self-Optimization event of 2020.👇

5 Days | 101 Luminaries | 1M People

Venue: The event will be hosted in Los Angeles. (Plan is to use the same venue we use for our other events: The LAX Sheraton.) 

We’ll have 1,001 tickets available for Optimizers who would like to attend the event in person. (Want one?)

Dates: Tuesday, June 16th to Sunday, June 21st. (Summer solstice is June 20th. 😎 )

(We plan to host the 2021 event at the LA Convention Center which has a capacity of 10,000.) (Or the San Diego Convention Center which is even bigger.)

101 Luminaries will come to town. We will produce 101 classes over a period of 5 days. These classes will be Livestreamed (for free) to a live audience of people from around the world. Our target is ambitious and simple: 1 million people.

The 101s

The 101s will be standardized so there’s an elegant coherence to the style and delivery, including beautifully designed Keynote templates, Workbooks, and Posters.

Basically: Take the Luminary’s best-selling book, break it down into 10 Big Ideas and add a little “for the Modern Hērō” spice to the mix. The Luminary will lecture for 60 minutes and then we’ll have 30 minutes of Q&A.

To fit that much Optimizing into five days, we will have five stages with four 101s each per day. (Kinda like a Jazz Fest or Lollapalooza for Optimizing. 🤠 )

Each of the five days will look roughly like this:

Of course, it will be impossible for anyone to participate in more than a fraction of the 101s live. So, we will be recording and digitally packaging ALL 101 Luminary sessions. (Complete with the standardized look and feel/worksheets/presentation + Q&A/etc.)

The Economics

Optimize 2020 | You, the Modern Hērō will be streamed live for free. 

The digitally packaged product consisting of the beautifully produced 101s with Luminaries will be offered for $1,000.

To join us in person for the 5-day event, there are three ticket options:

  • $1,000 = General Admission (501 total tickets available)
  • $2,000 = Upgraded Admission: General Admission + Preferred seating + Preferred Q&A opportunity + Partial curation of sessions (300 total tickets available)
  • $3,000 = Jumbo-Upgraded Admission: Upgraded Admission + Lunch with Luminaries + 100% curation of sessions + Extra-preferred seating (200 total tickets available)

Note1: Everyone who purchases a ticket to attend the offline event in LA will ALSO get the digitally packaged product of 101s with Luminaries (all 101 of them!).

Note2: The first 101 people to buy a ticket will have a chance to win a free 1-on-1 Coaching session with me. (And… Now that I type that… I think I might ask our Luminaries to chip in a free Coaching session so we can have fun giving those away!)

Note3: Tickets don’t include hotel rooms, but we’ll get you the best rate possible and follow up with details on how to book. (We will be filling the entire hotel!)

Get Your Tickets Now!

I am incredibly inspired imagining 1,001 of us gathering and Optimizing together with 101 of the world’s Luminaries!!! (Video on my tour of the venue with heart-skippage below!😍)

If you’d like to join 1,001 other Optimizers and 101 Luminaries at what we intend to make the premiere self-Optimizing event of 2020 (while also getting the digitally produced product and the Lifetime Optimize Core Wisdom memberships!), we’d be thrilled and honored to have you join us!

(I am so inspired imagining 1,001 of us getting together and Optimizing together with 101 of the world’s Luminaries!!!)

Can’t Make It to the Live Event in LA? 

Of course, unfortunately, we won’t ALL be able to get together in LA in June. Which is why we’re Livestreaming this thing for free to You (the Modern Hērō!), wherever you are.

Two things: 

  1. Sign up for the free Livestream event now. (Just cruise on over here.) (And tell your friends if you think they’d dig it!)
  2. If you know you’re going to want to purchase the digitally packaged Optimize 2020 product consisting of the beautifully produced 101s with Luminaries (all 101 of them complete with the standardized look and feel/worksheets/presentation + Q&A/etc.) you can get a super-early bird discount of $500. (We plan to offer the package at $1,000 so purchasing it today will save you $500.) 
Buy Now!

(I am even more (!) inspired imagining 1 million+ of us getting together and Optimizing together with 101 of the world’s Luminaries!!!)

And… Before we go…

I should also probably let you know that, concurrent with our Optimize 2020 event, we plan to (finally, officially!) launch the private social platform we’ve been working on for years. 🤠


Facebook for Optimizing

☝️Basically: A social platform that takes all the amazing power of an online community and leaves the rest.

Let’s step back for one more quick context-building here. I’ll share a little of my background and why we might be well-positioned to create something powerful.

My primary entrepreneurial background is in building online social platforms.  I started my first business (called eteamz) in 1998 (when I was 24). This was before the phrase “content management system” had been coined. We built one of the first content management systems (and social platforms) in the world. eteamz provided the technology to help youth sports leagues come online and publish stuff like schedules and standings and pictures of the game for grandma and grandpa to check out, etc. Basically: An ESPN for youth sports.

In 1999, we won the business plan competition at the Anderson School at UCLA. Then we went on to raise $5m and hire the CEO of adidas to replace me as the 25-year-old CEO. We sold that company to The Active Network after the market did its thing in 2000. Eteamz became the platform Little League Baseball® used and now serves millions of teams around the world.

After that I spent a few years traveling and reading and writing. I became a lover of wisdom (aka philosopher) and started sharing some of the stuff I was learning.

In 2005, I created my second business, called Zaadz. Zaadz was a social platform that was all about connecting people who wanted to make a difference in the world. MySpace had just been purchased by Fox. Facebook didn’t exist. Etc.

We raised a few million dollars. John Mackey of Whole Foods invested (after Whole Foods nearly bought 50% of us). We wound up selling that company to a publicly-traded company called Gaiam. For a range of reasons, the integration didn’t work as hoped and our thriving community of hundreds of thousands of people no longer exists.

After selling Zaadz, I spent 5 years reading, writing, and teaching again. I created PhilosophersNotes and then created what has become Optimize.

Which leads us to what I consider to be a surprising vacuum in the world.

I kinda can’t believe that no one has created a “Facebook for Optimizing” yet. I mean… According to the research, there are about 100 million (!) people around the world committed to living more optimally and making a positive difference in the world.

And… Yet…

There isn’t one central online platform for them us to connect. 

Again… Think: 

Facebook for Optimizing

☝️Basically: A social platform that takes all the amazing power of an online community and leaves the rest. 

We’ve been playing with a private, Optimize members only social platform. We’ll be investing significant resources into this and rolling it out concurrent with the Optimize 2020 event.

The Mission

All of which brings us back to the purpose of our business and mission of this initiative:

Let’s create the premiere self-Optimizing event of 2020 as we help a million people Optimize their lives while creating one of the greatest collections of wisdom ever combined with one of the most inspired communities on the planet.

Let’s change the world. One person at a time. Together. Starting with you and me.

P.S. “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead

P.P.S. I shot this little video to share with the team while touring the venue this week, and they said I absolutely had to share it with you, too!

And… I spent a few hours hanging out and hiking with Joe De Sena (and his kettlebell Leo) that same day. It just so happens that he was staying at the hotel where we’re doing our event so we might have hooked him up with an upgrade and perks. lol. He said I had to share THIS video with you about THAT! (Hah!) 

(btw: The back of Joe’s head makes a cameo 10 seconds in the hotel video above. lol)